6 ‘Chocolate’ Songs that’ll Get You Feeling Delicious this Easter

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I’ve never been one to really celebrate Easter, but I’m an absolute addict for music and certainly have a sweet spot for chocolate! The combination of the two go hand in hand. Both offer a natural boost of endorphins and get you feeling delicious with their surprisingly effective aphrodisiac kick. Music and chocolate just make you feel good!

The Easter long weekend should be all about some much needed RnR time, complete with a few festive drinks, good times with friends and family and of course the essentials – music and chocolate. Here are a few deliciously tasty chocolate songs to get you started.

1. India Arie feat. Musiq Soulchild: Chocolate High

Drizzling its way in at number one Chocolate High is soulful, sexy and sweet. R&B superstar India Arie teams up with Musiq Soulchild to give you a track that offers music diversity, with an expressive Motown feel to it. Released in 2009 off the Testimony: Vol 2, Love & Politics album, Chocolate High is relaxed and funky with a vibe that’s super addictive – just like chocolate.

“See baby I need your sugar…
You’re so delicious

There is somethin’ about your love…
That makes me just want to open up
Your flavour is the sweetest thing in life
I’m addicted to your chocolate high…”


2. Chet Faker: Cigarettes and Chocolate

Predominately an instrumental track with just a hint of female vocals weaving in and out, Cigarettes and Chocolate has the chill out lounge sound all worked out. Perfect for background listening or kicking back too with a glass of red wine and chocolate, Chet Faker’s mixing skills does wonders in creating the ideal atmosphere.

Off the album Thinking in Textures – winner of the Best Independent EP at the Australian Independent Records Awards, Chet Faker is renowned for his delicately perfect vocals and his intimate musical style. With a jazz-infused electro sound, Faker’s music brings back those retro elements complete with a modern inspired twist.


3. Sia: Death by Chocolate

Featured on my all time favourite Sia album – Some People Have Real Problems, Death by Chocolate was released in 2008. Consistent with Sia’s writing and singing style at the time, Death by Chocolate is a bitterly sweet tune. Whilst the song was by no means a smash hit off the album, it definitely showcases Sia’s outstanding vocal range and sets a beautifully tranquil atmosphere – a perfect setting to be eating chocolate in!

For those that have yet to hear Sia’s earlier work, this album is a must to listen too. A completely different style to her music today, my favourite off the album is Day too Soon which is simply breathtaking…pure goosebump material.


4. Michael Franti + Spearhead: Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix)

Famous for their Everybody Loves Music single, Michael Franti and Spearhead are the 90’s hip-hop stars. Off Spearhead’s second studio album released in 1997, Chocolate Supa Highway, this tasty track includes some of the coolest reggae beats to date. Rolling in between Michael Franti’s chillaxed vocals, Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix) grows more powerfully moving by the second, until the very end where the build up is intense and raw.

Other tracks to note off the album – although not entirely chocolate related – are Ganja Baby and Keep Me Lifted. Booked in to be touring Australia throughout April as part of Bluesfest 2015, make sure you check these guys out at the Red Hill Auditorium on April 18th for their ‘Soulshine’ tour. Blue King Brown, Donavon Frankenreiter and Tijuana Cartel will be supporting.

Michael Franti_Spearhead_ChocolateSupaHighway

5. Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing

An absolute classic of a band, Hot Chocolate have combined all things scrumptious with their 70’s hit You Sexy Thing. Off the self-titled album, Hot Chocolate, this track was made famous thanks to The Full Monty film and actor Robert Carlyle’s legendary striptease.

Featuring in other movies hits like Dude Where’s my Car and Reservoir Dogs, You Sexy Thing was one of the two knockout songs to make the UK Top 10 in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. The other song to do so was John Lennon’s Imagine. Bringing miracles back since 1975, You Sexy Thing definitely oozes old-school sex appeal we just can’t get enough of.


6. Theophilus London: Wine and Chocolates

If the title of this track isn’t enough to tempt you into the sweet scrumptiousness of chocolate and wine, I don’t know what is! Dark, dirty and dangerous Wine and Chocolates is a catchy hip-hop tune off Theophilus London’s – Lover’s Holiday album released in 2011. Blending a little jazz feel with his R&B vocals, London’s Wine and Chocolates describes love in modern time – infused with the tastiest of combinations.

“It’s time to live it up, oh…
You get sent the fine wine deliverables and chocolate candles…
It’s time to live it up, oh…

Matching shiny shoes dressed like Thriller and watch Godzilla…
Its a lovely Sunday, sit here and crack a big ole lobster, shrimp and pasta
I seen your face when I call, grab you phone change your status
Love in modern time…”


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