6 Must-See Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

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Please note, this is a guest post written by Ronald from LoudBeats. 

There are very few things in this world that are close to every person’s heart; no matter who they are or where they come from. For many, music tops that list.

While most people love travelling for sights and scenes, live music can play a significant part in one’s travel and make it more memorable. It’s about time that music lovers should go to the destinations with the best music scene around the world. Here’s a list of six top travel destinations for anyone seeking a refreshed musical palate or a tribute to their musical heroes.

Travel destinations for music lovers

1. Coachella, Indio, California

This Music and Arts Festival hosts over 200,000 music lovers each year in April for two weekends and spans across almost 600 acres of California’s Colorado Desert. The seven stages of the festival Coachella feature new as well as the most celebrated artists perform for their fans, most of whom choose to camp out on the festival grounds. This exhilarating festival should top every music lover’s bucket list.

2. Los Angeles, California

LA is much famed for its diverse music scene. It’s been home to top-charters from every era. Be it the 60s sunset strip stars like Led Zepplin, Guns n Roses in the 80s rock vibe or the 90s hip-hop scene with Snoop Dogg, Doctor Dre and Ice Cube: The City of Angels has seen it all.

Head to L.A. and check out some of the most groundbreaking musical venues Troubadour, the Hollywood Bowl and some old-time classic clubs like Whiskey a Go-Go and The Roxy. Add these best bass songs to make most of your time at one of the Sunset Strip Clubs.

3. Berlin, Germany

The music charm of Berlin comes from its harmony of classic Rock n Roll, Guitar Blues, Punk and Rockabilly with the latest trend of Experimental Music, more famously known as Echtzeitmusik; which majorly focuses on electronica, rock and jazz.

Madame CLAUDE is a global Monday-night attraction, underground bar with its gravity-defying interiors and live featured Echtzeitmusik.

4. Bob Marley Museum, Kingston

For all Reggae lovers or people who simply love good music and a good time, a visit to the Reggae Legend’s memorial is a must. Converted into a Marley Museum by his widow Rita, Bob’s Kingston residence is a treat with an original recording studio, 80-seat theatre and the much-coveted One Love Café; making Marley among the top posthumously earning celebrities according to Forbes Magazine.

56 hope road is the hub for numerous Reggae fans and Rastafarians to reminisce over the man’s music though Gigs and Ganja.

The bullet-marked backroom is an added bonus for history buffs which is an insight into the time when Jamaica faced severe political instability in the 70s, causing Marley to closely escape a cross-fire.

5. Vienna, Austria

Famously knows as the City of Music, Vienna is a pit-stop for lovers of Classical Music; since it was either the home to various legends, or stalwarts like Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, and Beethoven who made most of their iconic music here.

The Vienna Philharmonic in the breath-taking Wiener Konzerthaus is an experience of a lifetime that one must not miss for the world.

Vienna gives you a chance to celebrate the legacy of classical music through numerous music events all year round in its annual performance season from September to June, coupled with nine other annual festivals and other one-off performances.

6. New York City

Even though people usually flock to NYC for its tourist attractions and an immense variety of food, the Big Apple also hosts a very diverse musical scene that brings it on the list of a broad range of music fans and party-lovers. From Broadway Musicals to Jazz Spots and Underground Clubs, NYC’s got it all. Credited as the birthplace of punk, hip-hop and a launchpad for various artists, it’s rightly called the city that never sleeps and every music-lover must make a stop at this pulsating city for a truly memorable musical experience. One can enjoy a night of dancing to DJ sets and musical performances.


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Ronald is a hard-core music lover who has been backpacking around the world for quite some time now in the search for the perfect destinations to suit his passions and writes about his exploits in his blog to share his experiences with other enthusiasts like him.

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