7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Music Loving Friend

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It’s that time of year again. The shops are lined with coloured tinsel, the car parks are full, trees are being put up at home and we’re all well and truly overdue for a break…yep, it’s Christmas!

Finding the perfect gift for your friend, family member or partner can be challenging – especially when you want to find one that’s a little out of the ordinary. Here’s a few ideas for the music fanatic in your life they’re bound to get a kick out of.

1. Personalised Guitar Picks

Most guitarists will tell you; you can never have too many guitar picks. In between gigs and drunken jams out the back of your home, the millions that go missing is incredible. Thus, a stash of guitar picks is always essential.

This is why I love the personalised guitar picks. Anyone can go to the music store and buy a packet of standard picks, but creating a personalised one is so much more fun.

The only limit to your imagination is space – and even then, it’s amazing what they can squeeze onto it. Whether it’s something as simple as their name, the bands logo or a special message, personalised guitar picks can have anything engraved onto them. The added bonus? They are actually great guitar picks too! I’d recommend Coleman Custom Picks. I’ve ordered off Don before and they look great, with reasonable prices and fast delivery too.


2. Cymbal Art

Perfect for the drummer or any music lover that can appreciate a some unique instrument art, these painted cymbals are super impressive. Artist and drummer, Josh Stadlen based in London works his magic by painting iconic portraits of some of the world’s greatest musicians onto drum cymbals.

The acrylic painted faces showcase music legends from rock n’ roll, right through to jazz, hip-hop and pop – or you can get your own favourite drawn up too. A perfect addition (or two) for the music-lover’s room, these painted drum cymbals look mind-blowing.


3. Vinyl Love

Nothing beats the warm, full sound of vinyl – but there’s a lot more you can do with records than just play them. Consequently, it makes for a great present idea regardless of the occasion. If you know the person well, you can always get them a vintage edition of their favourite band to add to their record collection or an autographed vinyl will definitely be cherished.

For those wanting something more characteristic for their vinyl-loving friend – get creative! You can purchase (or make) gifts made from vinyl like an arty-record clock or a vinyl handbag. Handcrafted vinyl notebooks are great for the original artists to write down their song ideas or a vinyl photo frame can make a unique feature in the room. From jewellery to useful additions in the home, you can recycle old vinyl into any cool gift! Check out some more vinyl gift ideas here.


4. Recycled Bass String Bracelet

These are pretty damn cool and make a groovy gift idea for a musician or music lover. Recycled from old bass strings, these bracelets are a perfect gift to suit both men and women.

The recycled bass strings are a simple and unique accessory, but if you want to take it a step further you can turn it into a charm bracelet too – especially nice for the women in your life. Use regular charms or create your own style by adding a signed guitar pick to it – super awesome!


5. A USB Mix Tape

I remember the days when I’d spend hours making mix tapes for friends. There was something about requesting songs from radio stations and sitting readily waiting with my finger on the record button – it was fun. A lot of thought went into it. You had to think about the mix of songs you wanted to include, and then you’d write them onto the cassette tape and decorate with coloured markers. They weren’t just plastic cassette tapes filled with noise… they were little works of art.

With the boom of technology and this thing we call the ‘cloud’ it’s become too easy to just send someone an iTunes card nowadays though. The real magic behind the gift is lost and lacking the warmth and personal flavour cassette tapes once gave.

This is why I love the idea behind USB mix tapes. They have re-created those cassette tape-making days and combined it with a modern appeal that lets us get the best of both worlds. They’re still fun to make and they’re still a work of art. But unlike an iTunes gift card, they offer something a much more special.

Christmas Gift Ideas

6. Vintage Band Posters

Tastefully framed band posters are a necessary addition to any music lover’s man cave or jam room.  Old-school record stores can showcase some of the most memorable moments in music history, or check out what vintage band posters you can order online. Even better if you find one that’s autographed!

Finding a vintage poster of your friend’s favourite band or gig infuses history with his or her own personal style. It’s a gift that can take them back musically and definitely appreciated by most.

7. Music Books

You don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy a good music book if it’s a band or music legend you’re passionate about. Autobiographies, biographies and controversial debates in the industry are all great gift ideas for the music enthusiast.

This gift is definitely easier if you have a good idea on what music they’re into, or pick an artist or book that you think may inspire them as an artist. Here are a few of my recent favourites I spoke about on the blog last month.

The gift of music is one that can be appreciated by almost anyone – and the options are endless! You don’t have to spend a fortune to give that ‘wow’ factor either; it’s just a matter of getting those creative juices flowing and thinking outside the box. What present have you given your music-loving friend? Or, have a fitness freak in your life you need to buy for? Check out these ideas here.

Christmas Gift Ideas

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