Toward Music is an online presence that gives artists publicity to help drive their success. Bringing you excellence in music journalism, it was created to provide another avenue of support in the music industry. We strive to support artists stepping into the spotlight to help get their music heard, appreciated and promoted. Toward Music have a strong focus on the local scene, but also work with national and international artists.

The Person Behind Toward Music

I’m Jayde – a music enthusiast and scripturient with a consuming passion for writing. For as long as I can remember I’ve had the dream to become a music journalist for the Rolling Stone Magazine. Undoubtedly, this craving was imprinted into me from day one when my parents found themselves flicking through the magazine itself to find a name for me…

Growing up in a creative family I was lucky enough to be involved in music from an early age. My childhood involved nights at the pub watching my Grandad’s Celtic band. On top of that, I was listening to and writing about everything I could get my ears around. Before long I started to venture further out (still underage of course) to appreciate everything live music had to offer. Big thanks to my dad for being the ‘responsible guardian’ taking me to gigs! My love for the music scene exploded quickly and developed into an intense love affair. And it didn’t take long to realise that life without it would be pretty flat.

In 2003 back in the days of SLAM (Supporting Local Alternative Music) at the Paddo, I approached a random bloke who was taking professional pictures of the band playing. In my determination to get my words out there, I asked him who he worked for and if I could submit some of my writing for review. This was the start of living my dream.

Andrew McGuiness, then running Popstar Records with Rob Kay (Full Scale/Wax Tadpole) was quick to become my music mentor. He saw something positively unique in my writing and encouraged me to pursue it further. Since then, my thirst for music and love of putting words together has seen me through the most amazing journey I could never part with.

Interview with Clancy Tucker, November 2015Read more about my music venture here! With tips for emerging musicians and how music and writing became my obsession.

Nothing but Treble – How Toward Music Came About

  • For the last 11 years, I’ve been writing for Rella Records (Perth-based independent music label, formerly Popstar Records).

  • From 2009 – 2011 I contributed to a few different radio shows on RTRFM. These were easily some of the best days of my life singing with an incredible bunch of people and assisting with late night radio shows including PowerJam and LooneyChoons.

  • From 2011 – 2013 my words were published throughout the popular street music mag Drum Media (The Music).

  • In 2012 Toward Music was born to deal with the frustrations of seeing so many talented musicians struggling to get the exposure they deserved. For PR work, artist and gig bookings, gig promotion, content creation and other creative services at Toward Music click here.

  • In 2013, I joined the team at X-Press Magazine as a freelance writer.

  • In 2014 I was inspired to take Toward Music a step further and build by business with its very own music blog and website. My ambition – to inspire others through words and get talented musicians heard developed further. For latest news articles and all music-related love, make sure you check out my Toward Music blog to get your music fix.

Have Some Awesome New Music You Want to Share?

I’m all for spreading the word when it comes to irresistible tunes so if you think you have something good (or know someone who does) get in touch with me today! If you would like to send through any official requests for new music, gig information, press releases, PR + artist promotion price list or general feedback please contact me via email jayde [at] or fill out the form on my contact page.

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  1. Ivan Kostadinov

    Hey Jayde, I was in Paris couple of months ago and met the man who designed the Rolling Stone Magazine’s cover for 13 years – he was such a great guy and told me about some of his experiences there – I hope your childhood dream comes true!
    My name is Ivan and I’ve just started working on Jack Rabbit Slim’s online presence, and stumbled upon your great post here:
    Can you please add a link to the events website: I’m sure your readers will appreciate it!


  2. Jayde Ferguson

    Thanks for the message Ivan 🙂 I’ve added the link in for you – please feel free to contact me direct if you want to feature any future gigs.

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