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Armin Van Buuren

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

Take one of the world’s most popular DJ’s, combine that with the biggest project he has ever worked on, some of the most talented artists and producers, and there you have Armin Van Buuren’s Mirage – The Remixes.

Taking off from an already completed musical journey, Armin Van Buuren’s fourth album Mirage contained 2 years of creativity and solid work. That album has now reached a new destination. For all those that are daring enough to explore the other side and character of the original album, Mirage – The Remixes is here to indulge you with a fresh façade to every track you already know and love.

Split into 2 CD’s, the album contains collaborations with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, BT, Nadia Ali, Adam Young, Guy Chambers and BT as well as several striking solo-instrumentals that will surprise you every time. With tracks such as Take a Moment, This Light between Us, Feels so Good and Down to Love, the album has received 2 golden records for its musical fusions and gives you a great mix of steamy hothouse beats, deep-rolling progressive and uplifting trance.

Remixed by some of the world’s most talented producers including Dash Berlin, 16 Bit Lolita’s, Arctic Moon and Avicii, just to name a few. All with their unique styles, strength, source of inspiration and point of view combined to deliver a new interpretation. Mirage has been put it into a bright light revealing fresh, rebellious new sounds and an album that will take everything you love you about house and trance music.

If you have an overriding passion for dance music and an appreciation for talented vocalists and producers, then Mirage – The Remixes is most definitely an essential to your collection.

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