Babyjane Launch New Single ‘Do Ya’ Live at The Velvet Lounge

Live rock n’ roll should be all about energy, dirty guitar licks, power bass riffs and driven drum beats that make your heart pump twice as fast. It needs to be loud, passionate and filthily sexy; because that’s what real rock n’ roll is all about.

Friday night at the Velvet Lounge had rock n’ roll down pact. With three rock bands on the bill ready to blow your ear drums, it was a night that really did go off with a ‘bang’. Whilst I didn’t have a chance to catch the first band, The Silent Deeds, it was evident they warmed up the crowd nicely as everyone was positively buzzing by the time FoulPLAY took the stage next.

Now these guys were cool. Powerfully charged with a massively impressive sound, 4-piece FoulPLAY gave the audience a hard-rocking set they would’ve had to have been happy about. With head banging drum beats and knock-your-breath-out guitar riffs, FoulPLAY blazed through their songs with potency. Giving Babyjane a big thanks for having them on the night, and The Silent Deeds for taking the spot before, they provided the perfect opening setting for the main act to take the stage. Definitely a band to watch out for.

The main attraction of the night, Babyjane, have had their fans in pure anticipation in the lead-up to the release of their new single Do Ya. There were hints it would be heavier than their previous material and a little dirtier, but nothing could’ve quite prepared the audience for just how rockin’ their new track actually is. Plus, as a collaboration with Guns N’ Roses one-time guitarist Gilby Clarke, it was bound to impress.


Launching straight into a brief introduction about their the brand spanking new video clip for Do Ya, Babyjane premiered the first reveal of their latest work. Produced by Reminisce Films and directed by Rakib Erick, the video was an acid-trip of rock flavour madness. Skilful and creatively put together, it was a fantastic visual backdrop for the track.

With a raw and slightly heavier sound to the previous material, Do Ya is dripping with rock attitude and deliciously contagious melodies that hook you in immediately. Think Metallica meets Guns N’ Roses; their new track has these obvious influences whilst still maintaining their own thing too.

Crackling with energy, Babyjane played some of their older tracks Quicksand and New York Queen to a crowd that was, by this stage, lapping up every second of their energetic set. She’s Just a Liar, complete with the heavy seductive rock riffs, had the band ripping through solos that brought out your inner rock god and made you just want to mosh (which a few people down the front had already taken care of!). They were that explosive – they even managed to blow the lighting rig out – and keep the set together whilst the team at Velvet Lounge sorted things out again. Nice work guys!


Make it Sick added a slightly different dimension to the mix – an almost punk-rock vibe, and was gloriously amplified on stage with Andy’s vocals gutsy and spine-tingling all at once. When Babyjane played their ‘real life’ version of Do Ya, the audience was roaring with excitement with the first few riffs like lighting the rock n’ roll fuse. Finishing up their set with their impressive 2011 single Are You Listening, they took you on a rollercoaster music journey of hard rock and blues-infused goodness.

Oozing swagger, power and attitude – some of rock n’ roll’s crucial ingredients – Babyjane are a band that stays true to their style doing what they absolutely love doing, and you can see it in their performances. Whilst the sound mix was a little messy at times and the vocals definitely could’ve been turned up louder, they put on a crackin’ performance that’ll only get better and better each time.

Humbly thanking everyone with the help of recording their latest single and clip, Babyjane are a band that won’t go unnoticed; and the dedicated crowd that came Friday night to rock out to their music made it very clear.

Babyjane are on track to release their third album 23 Sins in 2016 with Keith Olsen (Whitesnake 1987)Make you follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates and next gigs. 



Photo Credits: Special thanks to Matt at Krüeger Imaging


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