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Hailing from Uberlandia just south east of Brazil, Buffalo Trio is a rock band with an edge. Currently based in Sydney, NSW the idea to start a band grew early 2013 when lead singer and guitarist Luiz Pettersen had returned to Brazil after living in Australia. Armed with new travel stories, pen and paper and a guitar, he started composing a few songs, which would later appear on the band’s first EP.

It takes two to tango though and soon enough Luiz met up with an old band mate from previous group Chiptots, Fred Meira to record just one track together – Bells. But it wasn’t enough. Thirsty for more music and adventure, it wasn’t long before this collaboration between the two turned into more studio hours to record Luiz’s previously written songs. Ready to take on the world and inject their sound into the ears of everyone, they teamed up with close friend, Joao Henrique on bass to complete the trio. Buffalo Trio was finally born.

The band released their 5-track EP the following year in 2014 with a support gig to renowned Brazilian band The Black Drawing Chalks – and it went off with a bang. Not long after, Untitled Sessions was recorded, a collaboration with Gabriel Rodrigues and Rodrigo Nepomuceno from Cheder Records. Together they recorded 5 live songs in just one afternoon including unheard new releases, Hot Tubes, Set the Fire and Red and Red.

Buffalo Trio continued composing and performing at many gigs throughout the scene; alongside bands like Radio Moscow (USA), Far from Alaska, Muddy Brothers, Munoz Duo and Lavadivers. And it wasn’t long before their music resonated with the Brazilian music scene.

In January 2015, Buffalo Trio recorded their first full album Variable Choke with Rodrigo Nepomuceno, followed by a second Untitled Sessions in the Municipal Theatre of Uberlandia with Djalma Filho. What’s next for Buffalo Trio? Stay tuned for more!

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