Originating from sunny Barcelona, Strange Fiction are exactly what Spain sounds like – imaginative, quirky and fantastically vibrant. Surrounded by music and the stunning Spanish lifestyle, it’s no wonder the four members of Strange Fiction ended up writing and recording their own music. With varied musical backgrounds, their new album Orange is a detailed blend of genres from Incubus-styled rock to Bruno Mars influenced pop and everything in between; The Beatles, Jane’s Addiction and The Rolling Stones.

Formed in 2013, original members Sergi Venteo (guitar), Marc Martinez (bass) and Joel Marco (drums) had been playing together for a year when lead singer Carlos Palacio joined the group in 2014. Strange Fiction was finally born. Caught in a breathtaking circle of musical energy, they did the only thing they could do… “We played music at our local rehearsal room and waited for the moment to arrive. And then the magic happened… as soon as we started to play and collaborate, the most amazing tunes and sounds arose spontaneously from somewhere far and mysterious. That day we lost sense of space and time, travelling through our music – you have to excuse us for not seeing it coming”. 

Recording together in July 2015, Strange Fiction have plans to record their next debut album in early 2016. Breathing truthful tunes and raw alternative rock at it’s best, Strange Fiction have a depth about their music that is catchy, powerful, fresh and lyrically superb. With slick rock rhythms and guitar hooks that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, their pop-infused tunes will be sure to have you grooving.

“Everything comes from personal experiences; and just our general outlook on life and what’s important to us. Yet in general, we wanted to write songs that we could love, we wanted to create the type of music that makes us happy”.


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