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Perth supergroup Bats have dived into a darker side of the human consciousness with their latest single, 24 Hrs. Bats, a reimagining of rock outfit The Scotch of Saint James, have come along way since the neo-psychedelic riffs of their debut EP. Composed of WA favourites from well-known musical outfits Ruby Boots, The Infidels and The Volcanics, Bats’ new release offers music lovers an intense listening experience. And the video clip that goes with it fuels the theme perfectly. There’s even a seizure warning encouraging viewer discretion…

Weaving you in and out of flickering images and brooding undertones, the clip for 24 Hrs takes you on an anxiety-filled journey. The song, about others less fortunate than ourselves, delivers plenty of vitriol for our current governments socio-political agenda. Musically, it’s sure to please fans of Queens of the Stone Age or Kasabian. Bats have described the new video release as a disturbing, black and white DIY project. Featuring way too many strobes, it follows the narrative of the lyrics which examines how poorly we treat the far less fortunate. It’s gritty, strobey, DIY goodness.


24 Hrs is a disturbing, black and white DIY project with way too many strobes. It’s gritty, strobey, DIY goodness!” – BATS

24 Hrs gives listeners a small taste of what to expect from the forthcoming album. Bats’ trademark vibe is still there – a soulful vortex of vocal melodies, punchy riffs and crushingly tight work. But if this track is anything to go by, it’s a sure sign their next album is going to turn some heads. Bats provide everything you need from a gritty rock track with howling vocals, charging guitars and frenzied drums. 24 Hrs is impressive, distinct and dangerous, whilst portraying all the right messengers.

Their album is due to be released later this year and is already gaining attention. 24 Hrs has been picked up by community radio nationwide and added to Double J. Former Triple J Music Director Richard Kingsmill has also expressed anticipation of the release. “That guitar hooked me in. I stayed. I liked”, he stated about last year’s track Tarantula. 

Bats is made up of industry veterans Michael Paver (TSOSJ, The Slim Pickins),  Jozef Grech (The Infidels, Project Mayhem), Pete Acklin (The Volcanics), Tim Stacey (High Horse, Ruby Boots) and Timothy Hamzah (TSOSJ, The Belle Ends).

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