On Fire: Bloom Launches New Track ‘Ghost’ at The Ellington Jazz Club | Perth

Pop-princess Bloom launched the release of her new track Ghost as part of her self-titled EP at The Ellington Jazz Club in Perth on Wednesday 18th November 2015.

Playing to a sold out crowd (what a way to celebrate your 30th birthday, Bloom!) the pre-gig atmosphere was buzzing even before the venue opened. With a line out the door showing sheer dedication to the event, you knew the night was bound to be good one. But even still, nothing could’ve quite prepared you for the calibre of talent at The Ellington Jazz Club Wednesday night.

With local supports The Hunting Birds and Julius Lutero providing the perfect introduction to the evening, Bloom took over the stage and the crowd not long after. Quite literally stealing the show with her voice, charisma and warming attitude, Amanda Canzurlo – the lungs behind Bloom, was absolutely mind blowing.

Opening the set with 100 Nightmares, the track that set the tone for the rest of the EP, Bloom’s voice captivated the crowd instantaneously. A little haunting and ridiculously magnetising she has a way of drawing you into her set that locks you in for the entire time. I only wished the set was longer!

Backed by Matty on drums and Joel on Piano, Bloom lead us through the chapters of her life making you feel like you had known her for years. The introductions before each song didn’t just give you a wonderful insight into what she was singing about, but offered a strong emotional connection to her words that positively boosted the impact of each track – something you don’t quite get just by listening to a CD.


Guide Us Home, written after suffering writer’s block from when her Grandfather passed away, had a deeply moving sound. Things were stripped back to basics for Cheating Heart, where Bloom emphasised how we have more in common with strangers than we think. Raw, powerfully spoken and emotionally driven, Cheating Heart was tear jerking; and when she stopped in the middle to say “never piss off a singer or she’ll write a song about it“, you couldn’t help but smile.

Whilst I didn’t think the backing tracks that amplified the songs from the start of Bloom’s set were needed – her voice, the drums and piano were more than strong enough – it moulded together nicely by the second last song. And what a song it was. When You Fall, a personal favourite of the evening was pure goose-bump material. Inspired by Bloom’s Melbourne show when the venue she was playing at was evacuated due to a suicide, the lyrics were bittersweet and confronting. Featuring some stunningly intense buildups in the music, the song went of flawlessly.


Bloom closed with Ghost, her fresh new single and a song we can all relate too; proving to be a fine end to the set. With a long list of thank yous to show her gratitude, a loudly applauding audience clearly impressed with the trio’s show (and a cake and happy birthday song to top it off), Bloom would’ve had to have been satisfied with her 30th. And if she’s not the next big thing to come out of Perth, I don’t know what is! To wind down the evening, local supports Shelley Segal and 46 Brigade saw the crowd off.

For those that didn’t catch Bloom Wednesday night, this superstar of a young lady will be performing at Perth’s newest and hottest music festival next month – Disconnect Music Festival. Purchase tickets here, if you know what’s good for you, and be sure to download Ghost. The rest of the EP will be available to purchase online from the 10th December. Make sure you follow Bloom on Facebook for upcoming gigs and news or check out her website.


{Support: Julius Lutero|

Photo Credits: Special thanks to Matt at Krüeger Imaging.

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