News: Cass McCombs Returns to Australia for Debut Record and Tour

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American singer, songwriter and genre blender Cass McCombs has announced he’ll be back in Australia for a run of headline festival shows this December. Already performing at the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria, McCombs will also be hitting venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to show off his latest debut record, Mangy Love. 

An acclaimed songwriter over the past decade, McCombs has been drawing attention to his sharply witty and intelligent delivery of music and lyrics with his new arrival. His work is diverse, cryptic and refreshingly rebellious. But his latest effort, Mangy Love, is Cass McCombs at his most blunt; tackling sociopolitical issues through his uniquely cracked lens of lyrical wit and singular insight.

Utilising some of his Americana sensibilities, the record embraces an 80’s aesthetic with 70’s warmth to give listeners a wholesomely smooth record. Since its release earlier this year in August, McCombs has continued to wow his audience with some of his most attention-demanding and provocative material yet. To celebrate, Perth fans can catch McCombs at the Rosemount Hotel, Sunday 4th December with special guests Akioka.


The record sees Cass McCombs using himself as a mirror to misguided and confounding realities, confronting them head on. Take the politically fuelled Bum Bum Bumthe dark humour of Rancid Girl or the intimate, soft spoken Laughter is the Best Medicine. The album is sewn together by common thread of ‘opposition’, most directly articulated in Opposite House, with allusions to mental illness.

The severity of his lyrics is contrasted by his signature guitar playing and the music, which ventures into groovy realms of Philly soul, Northern California psychedelia and New York paranoia punk, articulating the spontaneity and joy of his live show better than ever before.

Mangy Love is Cass McCombs at the top of his game, reaching new sonic heights, creatively evolving lyrically and resulting in his most provocative and complete record yet.

Gig Details:

Presented by Cool Perth Nights and Mistletone | Join Cass McCombs at the Rosemount Hotel, Sunday 4th December with special guests Akioka | $51 entry from here | Event details here.


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