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Chris Cornell

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Easily one of the most distinctive voices of rock and roll singers in our generation, Chris Cornell the frontman of Audioslave and Soundgarden has produced an album that will create a conversation with its audience and leave you hanging onto every word.

Never More Than Two Drinks Away From Crying”, words from the first track As Hope and Promise Fade pull you in and paint a dark picture that hauntingly moves you. It reveales the layers of emotion in his voice from dark despair to hope, love and beauty; a voice of multiple dimensions.

The track Ground Zero is introduced as a song about 9/11 and Cornell’s challenge to “figure out a way to make the world better not stupider.” The guitar riffs become more noticeable whereas in some of the other songs you seem to lose track of the acoustics as Cornell’s voice overpowers. Can’t Change Me lacks the energy and enthusiasm the small spoken introduction gave, but still has the ability to hook you in with the lyrics by the chorus. The familiar sounds of Audioslave are noticeable in I am the Highway, definitely bringing out the loudest cheers in the crowd.

Whilst majority of these tracks are charismatic, the album doesn’t always blend between tracks and lapses in and out of energy and emotion to a song that’s simply in the background. Chris Cornell, however, still has the ability to capture you as a solo artist. As one of the greatest voices in rock history, Cornell has shaped a live album that will befriend and stay with you for as long as we love great music and the masters behind it.

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