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Fremantle rockers Figurehead have had a busy 2017. Dishing the dirt on classroom dynamics, because, well, they spend a lot of time in them, these local boys are taking inspiration from their current high school lives to fuel their latest single, Teacher’s Pet. Released last month, the track channels a slice of 90’s-inspired alt pop/rock. All whilst they’re still kicking around in daggy school ties and long socks. But don’t let that fool you – these boys can rock!

As fellow inhabitants of WA, residing in Fremantle, Figurehead are in their final year of high school and have already achieved so much. Usually, the last year of school is a tedious and somewhat unmotivating time, as you’re desperately trying to make a break into ‘adulthood’. But, these high school rockers are ticking all the boxes and having an absolute blast doing so. Their hard work is paying off too. With 2 nominations already under their belt for WAM Song of the Year in 2015, Figurehead are getting ready to graduate with a bang.

The last time we heard from Figurehead was with their single Suits. That was earlier this year. Since then the boys have had their collective heads down, doing their best to complete year 12. All whilst causing some excitement in the local music industry and making some killer tunes. Both Dom Alessio and Dave Ruby Howe from Triple J gave Suits the seal of approval.

Lyrically Teacher’s Pet draws on thematic inspiration from Figurehead’s lives as year 12 students. They say you should stick to writing about what you know, and Figurehead nailed the brief. Musically, the track draws comparisons to bands such as Weezer, Wheatus and Fountains of Wayne. It has that cool, garage rock vibe going on. Best of all, these high school rockers just sound like they’re having the time of their life doing what they’re good at. It’s the sort of song that makes you grin from ear-to-ear because you can hear Figurehead are going places. If they keep it up at this level, who knows what they’re going to be capable of next.


Teacher’s Pet is those kids at school that pretend to be best friends with the teacher to try and bump their self-esteem or to manipulate their grades or even just because they don’t have any other friends. At first, I found them annoying and at times amusing, but I came to find that it’s in my best interest to be friends with the teacher as it could make school a tad easier. At the end of the day, I feel we all teacher’s pets and that doesn’t matter”.




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