Hot Branding Tips for Your Next Music or Entertainment Event

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Today we have a blog post written by Liam Banks from The Temporary Fencing Shop who looks after all temporary fencing products for music and entertainment events across Australia.

As an event manager, promoter or organiser no doubt you’ve been to loads of functions and have a good knowledge of how they are run and marketed. Branding at an event is extremely important – it’s much more than just slapping your logo everywhere. An eye-catching logo and a unique experience creates a much more memorable event.

You’re probably well aware some event brands have worldwide brand awareness think Glastonbury, Coachella and going back further Woodstock. However you don’t need to think big when looking at well branded events.  Consider events such as corporate conferences or smaller music events where a brand and its elements are central to the whole atmosphere, think décor, colours, food and beverage, and even the events voice. Another great example of event branding are parties, look at a children’s party, Halloween party or a St Patrick’s Day party they all follow a consistent theme. The key to these well branded small parties or events is this consistency.

Integrate your brand into the event to convey your identity and take ownership of the site. Establish your identity, name, colours and slogan, then tell everyone! Doing so sets yourself apart from other events, encourages new attendees and reminds previous attendees of your brand and a happy memorable event.

You should try and incorporate your brand any place possible On any budget there are a range of options to increase branding throughout your event, this article contains just a few.

Temp Fencing Music Festivals

1. Prior to the Music Event

Your brand should be at front of mind even in your events pre-planning and feasibility phases, include branding on all your planning documentation, calendar, reports and proposals.

Introduce attendees to the brand prior to your entertainment event. This familiarises the punters with the brand and establishes an early connection. Look at advertising and marketing channels and ensure they are all well branded. For digital channels and social media presence, set up Facebook and Twitter profiles carrying the business logo and colour themes and create a unique hashtag for the event. Encourage attendees to use the hashtag at the event and during the lead up.

Instead of using plain concert tickets with a ticketing agents branding get some printed with your custom event branding and ensure this carries through flyers, bill posters, and any advertisements like street press that you use to market your event.

2. At the Event

On Arrival

At the event the first thing your attendees will see is the exterior fencing of your event and gates with crowd control and security, it can be confronting.

For perimeter fencing and entry gates, shade cloth or banner mesh is great way for increasing branding. Not only does it look impressive when compared to plain coloured shade cloth, but it’s great for covering temporary fencing or crowd control barriers too – which don’t look too appealing. For temporary fencing in Perth, you could even get event sponsors to help pay for it in exchange for some advertising space alongside your events branding on shade cloth or barrier signage.

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Brand Event Staff

From security to entry staff ensure everyone is wearing branded uniforms and have branded IDs, it creates consistency and looks great and helps attendees familiarise with your staff.


On entry at many events attendees receive maps, guides and set lists, ensure these are well branded. Events like music festivals, particularly with camping, will also hand out items such as garbage and recycling bags in an effort to encourage attendees to dispose of waste correctly. Try getting these branded with your event or logo as these will make a much bigger impact. There is also an increase in some events giving away small pieces of merchandise to attendees such as tote bags, bottle and can coolers or bottle openers. Costs are quite small for the music event but it really adds value in the eyes of a punter.

3. During the Event

Event Décor

Make the brand part of the décor at your event. One way is to try and incorporate the logo and colours into lighting for stages and around common areas, also try using the brand colour theme throughout any other decoration you are using around the event.  You could try use decorations like printed flags and banners around the events that carry the brand colour and imagery. Some events even use branded dancefloors, tents and marquees.

Custom printed shade cloths and banner mesh can really be used to increase branding inside the event – it shouldn’t just be on fences and barriers externally. Use custom printed posters to cordon off areas within your event. i.e. around toilets, food and beverage vendors and stages; they look great and increase exposure of the brand.

Social Media

Social media is not a physical or visual branding exercise seen at your music event, it is one that will be used before, during and after your event. There is no doubt that attendees at the event will be using social media during the event to share experiences with their network and engage with other attendees.  Try and inspire attendees to engage with the event on social media or create an event hashtag and encourage attendees to use it. This can go a long way in getting potential attendees familiar with your brand and kicks off the advertising campaign for the next event.

Drinks & Food

A lot of events are already using food and drink to increase their branding, here are a few tips how some events are doing to do this. Do a branded drink or cocktail and try make it utilise the brand’s colours and include some custom logos on drink packaging or the glassware it’s served in. If you only want to serve pre-packaged beverages speak to a local micro-brewery or beverage sponsor about getting branded beer brewed for the music event.

Branded food can be as simple as customising the packaging that the food comes is; think take-away containers, burger boxes, cups, plates etc. Or you can take it to the next level and ask food vendors to name food after your event. Try and pick foods that align well with your brand, i.e. if you are a big music festival with loads of headline acts name a huge burger with the works after the event, if it’s a smaller, boutique or indie festival, name food that’s a little bit different after your event.

Temp Fencing Music Festivals

4. Post Event

Branding is something that’s executed at your event. It leads to brand awareness which should be worked on for the lifetime of a brand – you may not achieve it in just one event.

You need to encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media using any related hashtags at your event, this should also be encouraged after the event. Consider starting a hashtag for the next event and start re-marketing earlier on for all of your digital media.

To increase branding think outside the box! Ensure your brand is at front of mind prior to your event. Think about how attendees see the brand as they enter your event and how they interact with it. Personalise any handouts, staff uniforms, entrances, perimeters and think about exclusive event décor.

Remember brand awareness isn’t always achieved at every event but you can go a long way in increasing exposure for future music or entertainment events. Let us know your tips and tricks for event branding below and what has (or hasn’t!) worked for you in the past.

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