How to Make Your Live Music Event Stand Out

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Editor’s note: This article is a guest post written by the team at The Temporary Fencing Shop, specialists in temporary fencing products and crowd control barriers across Australia. 

There’s no doubt live music events are big business in Australia. A 2016 survey by MusicWatch found that on average, Aussie music lovers attend two to three festivals every year.

With a packed calendar of concerts and events clamouring for attention and ticket sales, it’s important to make your event stand out. Successful music events are about creating an experience that’s memorable, keeps attendees happy and safe, and has a great word of mouth reputation.

While more traditional marketing efforts, such as temporary fencing with branded printed shade cloth will make your event stand out to local crowds, it’s also important to reach a wider audience leading up to the event.

But how do you separate your event from the crowd? Here are some handy tips – think about how you can make them work for you!

Harness Social Media

One of the single most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to making your event unforgettable is social media. The key is to give plenty of opportunities for snap-happy festival-goers to post about their experience.

Facebook is a great way to keep music fans engaged, but make sure you read up on up-to-date social media marketing tips, as Facebook’s continually changing algorithm is making it harder than ever to reach your audience – if managed incorrectly.

Think about how to use social media before, during and after your festival. Consider the audience of your event and use social media platforms like Facebook and Facebook event pages to promote it. Apps such as Instagram will also be your best friend, as it’s a highly visual medium people can use to share what they’re up to on the day of the event and have a bit of a humble brag.

It will also give followers who aren’t sure if they want to attend the “fear of missing out” – undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing emotions experienced by humankind.

Live music event

Beautify Your Infrastructure

Looks and branding are important, especially when it comes to music festivals. Your branding tells your story, so consider ways to make it visible throughout the event and to any passers-by.

An easy way to do this is using printed shade cloth on your event’s temporary fencing. In many situations, temporary fencing will surround your event and be utilised throughout the venue. Therefore, it’s a cost-effective way to print your brand, logo and artwork on shade cloth and have it wrapped around your temporary fencing.

Don’t Make Your Event Inaccessible

This is about making an event that anyone feels they can attend, rather than having the feeling that only people of certain social status are welcome. If punters think your event is created for “people like me”, they will reward you with loyalty and repeated attendance and ultimately spread the news via word of mouth

Create an Experience

Creating an experience will mean that your event gets attention and repeat attendance!

Think about why people should pay money to attend your music event. Sure, the line-up is probably a drawcard, but people attend festivals with the intention of getting an experience too. It’s also important to note that a bad experience can turn them away and lead to a poor reputation for your event and branding, so think about what you can offer.

The most effective way of creating an experience is to use emotion. Make your attendees feel something. Sometimes it’s as simple as making them part of a like-minded community by attending your event. Ensuring you have the perfect sound setup for your venue, with a quality sound guy for the bands is essential too.

Tell your story! Let attendees why they should be there, why you’re holding the event and what they can expect. This will help give meaning and authenticity and will leave your attendees with a good feeling – even days or weeks after your event.

live music event

Keep Attendees Safe

Nothing is more important than safety and the best kind of safety measures are ones your attendees won’t even think about.

No matter what kind of event you’re organising, you should be keeping crowd control at the front of mind. With potentially thousands of people in one area, it’s vital to make sure people can navigate your event safely and emergency exits are easy to get to.

It’s also important to ensure your event has sufficient security staff and crowd management co-ordinators – crowd safety isn’t something you want to skimp on.

live music event

This article was written by The Temporary Fencing Shop – Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for live music events and festivals.

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