Interview: Cut Snake on Beats, Boards and Stereosonic 2015

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After their recent show in Fiji, Cut Snake are back on Australian shores ready for Stereosonic at Claremont Showgrounds, Sunday 29th November. Leigh ‘Sedz’ Sedley and Paul ‘Fish’ Fisher chat beats, boards and upcoming festival antics with JAYDE FERGUSON.

Cut Snake

Mad as a Cut Snake the boys behind this tech-house duo, Fish and Sedz are renowned and worshiped for their zero fucks given attitude, sultry smooth-rolling beats and ‘live in the moment’ mindset on life and music.

Growing up together and surfing the Gold Coast shores of Australia, the duo were in Hawaii on a pro surfing tour some 8 years ago when their mutual love for dance music and partying exploded into something bigger…Cut Snake was officially born.

Since then the boys have racked up a hell of a lot of awesome tracks, making the rounds of the American festival circuit last year, Your Paradise Festival in Fiji last week and of course Stereosonic in Australia at the end of this month. When these boys hit the decks, shit gets real. Cooking up the perfect summer mix of deep and tech house (that’s hot to listen too all year round), their vibe is contagiously fun, a little wild and sounds just as good in the early hours of the morning as it does chillaxing by the pool.

Now getting pumped for Stereosonic just moments away; which kicks off in Sydney November 28th, the boys will finish up an action-packed year at the Rhythm and Vines Festival in New Zealand December 29th. For more tour dates, make sure you follow the boys on Facebook or check out their website to stay in the loop. Ahead of their home-ground tour, here’s what they had to say.

Q+A with Cut Snake

1. Thanks for chatting to me guys! How has your summer been so far? I notice you got stuck in Bali lapping up the waves and Bintangs, sounds pretty terrible…

So far the summer has been amazing! We’ve spent most of the last month in the tropics surfing good waves, drinking beers and playing really good parties!! Our initial 4-day trip to Bali became 14-days because of the volcano and we were just lapping that shit up!! Then we flew straight to Fiji to play ‘Your Paradise’ and scored some really fun waves at Cloudbreak, so we’re on a pretty great high right now!!

2. Sounds like fun! So I have to ask, who’s the better surfer out of you two!?

We haven’t surfed against each other since 2004 in the Pro Juniors and I took Fish down and never let him forget it! (Laughs) Lately he’s been dominating me in the lineup, especially in Fiji. I think it might just be the extra weight he’s carrying these days! (Laughs)

3. It was the surfing scene that initially linked you two up, making the move from Australia to America a while ago now as professional surfers. Did you ever think you would get into the DJ and producing scene?

Well, we always used to talk about it; how sick it would be to play all those festivals when we were groms, but now it’s a reality and I don’t think we ever thought it would happen!!! We are over the moon and just loving the ride. 

Cut Snake Bali 2015
Cut Snake | Bali 2015

4. Where did your love for groovy house tunes stem from? 

From our group of mates we all hang out with. We just really used to love it so everyone would share their tunes with each other and it just kinda spread from there.

5. From starting at the Boiler Room at Big Day Out to now having some pretty major music festivals under your belt, including Stereosonic, it sounds like things are definitely falling into place for Cut Snake! Did you anticipate it to ever get this big?  

Once we started taking it a little more seriously we definitely set our goals, and we have been working our asses off to reach them ever since! At the very start it was just a hobby, and I guess we never really expected anything from it, but when we decided to have a full crack at it and have really knuckled down and tried to do the most we possibly can. It’s been really fun and interesting so far!

6. What’s the scene like in LA – do you have a solid mix of surfing and making beats?

The scene is blowing up there right now. There are so many big artists from all over the world living there like Pete Tong, Claude von Stroke, Jesse Rose, Chris Lake and Wax Motif that it’s only natural it has a big scene! We definitely spend a lot more time in the studio when we are in LA than we do in the ocean but that balances itself out when we come back to Aus!! The waves are kind of shit there so it doesn’t make it too much of big of a deal (laughs).

7. Are you doing many nightclub gigs over there? 

Yeah we have been playing a bunch of gigs over in the States. In the past month or so we played LA, San Fran, New York, Boston and San Diego. It’s been pretty cool getting to play so many different places over there that’s for sure. 

8. Your live shows have a reputation for being wild and exciting, do you have a process before you get up there or don’t think too much into it?

No, not really just a couple beers before we get up there. The crowd pumps us up so if they are pumped, we are pumped and it’s game on!!!

9. In your opinion, what makes a great remix?

A great song is a great song whether it’s a remix or an original, but I think a great remix has to keep a certain connection to the original whilst also showcasing something that will suit different people’s tastes. Whenever we do a remix, we don’t try to aim for the exact same listener as the original – we try to open it up to new ears. 

10. You must be getting amped for Stereosonic this month – it’s expected to be huge! Any acts you’re super excited about seeing?

Yeah we are frothing to get amongst it with everyone and I can’t wait to run around with all the crew and go mad! I’m actually looking forward to watching everyone on our stage such as Claude, Patrick Topping, Mk, Claptone and then we really wanna see Major Lazer perform too – I just wanna see the crowd that shows up for those legends!

11. What’s your top 3 ingredients for creating the best dance party ever?

Music, fun and good vibes!


12. How do you guys construct your sets for the big dance festivals like Stereosonic?

Mate, I think we just have been saving bombs that have worked at other festivals we’ve played at!! (Laughs) It’s funny, some tunes you think are weapons don’t work, so it’s a bit of trial and error but I think what we have for this tour is pretty damn solid!!

13. Where has been the best live performance response so far?

I reckon it would have to be New Zealand for us! They are crazy over there and love to party!! We were pretty surprised with the response we got when we played there last year and can’t wait to get back there on this years’ tour too!

14. Do you think Perth can beat it!?

YES!!! Perth went off last time we played and the crew were going sooo wild! We’ve had dead fish thrown at us, people getting nude and all sorts of other weird shit happening! You could say you’re a bunch of animals!! (Laughs). 

15. Besides giving us an insane show in less than a weeks’ time, what are you most excited about for the big day?

Just the summer vibes, drinking beers, cruising around watching amazing acts and having a hell of a time!! We can’t wait. 

16. Thanks for chatting Sedz, just before we finish up one last question – what’s your favourite thing to do to recoup (if there is such a thing!) after a big tour? 

SURF!!! The ocean heals all.

Listen to Cut Snake’s hot new EP Life’s a Beach here!



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