Jack Rabbit Slims Venue Review: Live, With a Side of Fries

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Jack Rabbit Slims

If you haven’t heard yet, Perth has a new live music venue in town. This Pulp Fiction inspired delight has been something the music industry has been craving for – and now the party has officially started. Opening it’s doors to the public last Saturday 18th, I headed down there to see what the fuss was all about.

The Venue


Nestled on the corner of Aberdeen street in Northbridge (the old Black Bettys), Jack Rabbit Slims is fresh, funky and oh so retro. You enter into the diner first, complete with red booths and old-fashioned bits and pieces for a very ‘busy’ but uber cool wall finish.

At first glance, Jack Rabbit Slims is definitely not unlike its namesake – the 1950’s style diner from the cult film classic Pulp Fiction. And whilst there’s no Jack Rabbit Slim twist contests just yet, you really do feel like you’ve just stepped into a movie scene. With a brightly lit neon sign pointing you in the direction of Slim’s exclusive fries and shakes, it can be hard at first to believe that this place is actually a live music venue. But it is. Through a set of false refrigerator doors, a 450 capacity room awaits – pumping with good music and a killer vibe.

The 50’s diner theme continues into the main room and before you even hit the stage, there’s a retro game arcade lined with pin ball machines (including a very fitting AC/DC music themed one) and race car rally’s. There’s an upstairs lounge chill out area that looks down onto the stage, two bars to quench your thirst and some very cool Pulp Fiction inspired artwork painted on the walls.

The Fries, Shakes and Other Tasty Treats


You cannot go to Jack Rabbit Slims without ordering a shake and fries. Not only are they deliciously insane (I mean, who can argue with alcoholic shakes?) but a Pulp Fiction inspired diner without them just wouldn’t be the same. There’s 6 flavours to choose from – $5 for a non alcoholic shake and $9 for an alcoholic one (which includes a shot of Jamesons and Vodka)…and they are ridiculously good. We opted for the Peanut Butter shake and the Strawberry (alcoholic, of course), complete with premium fries for $15. Bliss. As the menu says – So Far King Good.

Jack-Rabbit-Slims-MenuThe downfall is though you can’t take the shakes and fries out of the diner. And because it was so busy, getting a red retro booth was definitely out of the question. Instead, we managed to sneak into the arcade section of the venue and indulge in our fries and shakes at the kitchen bar which could’ve done with a few extra seats to cater for. It wouldn’t hurt to allow the drinking of shakes inside the venue area too, for exceptionally busy nights like this one.

Moving onto the main bar the drink choices are far from average. And it’s a refreshing change. Vodka creamy liquor sodas and large bottled beers served in brown paper bags added a quirky element to the night out. Plus, you have to admit it was vey entertaining seeing half the crowd – and the bands – drinking out of brown paper bags!




The Tunes

As Perth’s newest live music venue, you’d expect to see some iconic local and international acts playing at Jack Rabbit Slims. The opening party was no exception with local supports from Dream Rimmy, hip-hop group Koi Child and international superstar JMSN headlining the evening. The quickly growing crowd was loving every single second of it all.

With a state-of-the-art sound system and enough space to get your groove on, Slim’s is certainly going to be home for many music lovers, with so many great acts already lined up over the next few months. Metric Events Director Luke Whelan, the man behind Perth’s newest live music venue promises a good future for the industry, with rock bands, DJ’s, producers and more set to take the stage at Slims.

Jack Rabbit Slims

Photo Credit: Matsu Photography


Photo Credit: Matsu Photography

Jack Rabbit Slims is open until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. Friday nights are dedicated to touring acts with a range of different styles to be expected, and Saturday nights are reserved for in-house bookings for Australian bands along the lines of Triple J type tunes.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s
133 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Open until 5am on Fridays & Saturdays (no lock-out)

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