James Collins | The Way You Look Tonight

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James Collins

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To learn how to play a song, note to note, can be possible when you put your mind to it. To pick up a guitar and learn the technicality of each part. But to make the song your own – to tell your story through someone else’s notes and create an individual impact, can only be the work of a true musician.

James Collins’s The Way You Look Tonight is a 6 track classical cd which blends near perfect notes with inner soul. Collaborated with composer Michael Doherty, together they take you on a journey through a range of the classic hits including, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Hallelujah, Here Comes The Sun and Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, just to name a few.

Normally, I find it easier to connect emotionally through the lyrics of a song, however, these orchestral tracks have the ability to reach out through the speakers and draw you into a world of James Collins. The mood flows from one emotion to another with every strum of the guitar portraying a different part of James’s personality and revealing another layer.

The Way You Look Tonight draws out a great contrast from two sides of the spectrum from the intensity to relaxation and beauty. James Collins will give you an appreciation for orchestral tracks and will bring you back to the roots of classical music and talented, complex and in-depth guitar playing. The Way You Look Tonight will create an individual impact on its listeners, and can only be defined the work of a true musician.

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