Cut and Paste Collaborations | Live Review | The Artrage Bakery

The Artrage Bakery

The Artrage Bakery, Northbridge 18/02/12

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

Held as the closing event of Fringe World, Cut & Paste collaborations was the first live instalment of a music and visual project, with collaborations between some of WA’s most forward thinking artists’. Those who arrived early were treated to remixes by King Jon ill followed by Sibalance with Andrew Weir and Orbonic Plague. Dim colourful lights with the red old-fashioned lampshade hanging directly above the stage set the mood, and the deep sexy bass beats pumping right through your heart were quick to roll in.

The Weapon is Sound featuring Hayley Beth and Brendan Jay followed, introducing to the scene a mix of psychedelic dub infused with groove and reggae. The atmosphere presented a smooth change and was jazzed up with the sax, funky drumbeats and each member flaunting great amounts of energy for an impressive set. Although Beth’s voice seemed to get lost in the first half, the vocals still complimented each other well. The band ended their set with Isolation Dub and then a song by Beth that “will make you flip!

In between each of the collaborations, Jon was back on decks to keep the fast-growing audience entertained. The ambience mellowed out with Felicity Groom and Diger Rockwell bringing to the stage haunting vocals and guitar which seemed to hold the once dancing crowd into an almost trance-like stance. The second track, only finished that afternoon was performed for the first time and throughout the remainder of the set shifted the vibe to a funkier style.

Rachael Dease and YLEM continued with the mellow feel. Whilst Dease’s voice at times came across as overly orchestrated, there was something quite mesmerising about her. The talent was still evidently there, but the energy seemed to have slowed down a bit too much. NAIK with Pat fromSugar Army gave the evening another boost of liveliness as the four-piece rocked out with a tasteful mix of drums, guitar and tambourine.

The night finished up with The Empty Cup featuring a range of local talent including Luke Dux, Timothy Nelson, ASAP and host of the evening Mathas. Improvised hip-hop/rap with a variation of instruments, the lyrics were sourced from the crowd and “innovative” would be an understatement with the “flow battle” giving an exciting twist of new interpretations. Bringing out music and talent from all genres, this was definitely a mind–blowing end to Fringe World.

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