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Rob Walker

Blvd Tavern, Joondalup 04/08/2012

The BLVD Tavern was quick to come alive Saturday night, and be consumed by a circulation of happy vibes for those in anticipation to see Thirsty Merc’s lead singer on his solo tour. Supporting Rai Thistlethwayte, for a musically motivating infused evening; Rob Walker (Nymph Honey) took on the crowd with an energy that rocked the room almost instantaneously.

By his second track, Another Part of Me, the talent behind the raw, solid and heartfelt vocals was clearly evident and backed up by an incredible stage presence. Throwing in a well-received cover of Bush, Comedown (among the bad but strangely amusing jokes), the unique flexibility of both a voice that will stop you in your tracks and a sense of familiarity of his almost additional body part (his guitar), is impeccable. Between the multiple dimensions of his creativity, charisma and vitality, Walker will capture you as a solo performer and prove to every individual that “Rock N’ Roll never dies”. Amen to that!

The stage was set perfectly for the voice behind Thirsty Merc with everyone positively buzzing. When not backed up by the renowned band, Rai Thistlethwayte has a talent that shines through on an entirely different level and attests a must see solo performance. The audience gladly soaked up the super funky beats, including an exceptional acoustic number of 20 Good Reasons.

Thistlethwayte’s love for jazz and his parent’s influence on his music was interestingly described up close and personal as he left the stage to move in closer and sing his story, showing the true depth of his vocal precision. The crowd interaction only continued throughout the set, resulting in a mix of bongo drums and tambourine adding to the flavour and finishing the set of nicely. Regardless of whether he is playing keys, guitar, or simply moving through the crowd with just his microphone, Thistlethwayte knows how to put on an engaging performance, keeping everyone completely entertained.

A night of profound talent by not only one, but two performers, with musical pulsations that will make you want to make sweet love to the fabric of time and space itself. It’s not often you go to a gig that’s somewhat hard to review because it’s almost “flawless”. Whilst there is always room for improvement, this was most definitely one of those gigs.

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