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Metro City 30/08/2012

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

Most people’s love of Rock and Roll was born from the dirty, raunchy guitar riffs of Slash, possibly some of the finest guitar sounds to ever pump through your ears. Back this up with the fist-thrusting vocals of Myles Kennedy and the full band experience, and you will be reminded of why we love RnR.

London based rock band I am Giant did a good job of warming up the venue and setting a positively buzzing vibe. Whilst it would’ve been way more ideal to have a local band supporting, the unquenchable fire in their soul is conclusive. Playing tracks from their new album On the Horrifying Truth, they are fuelled by a vibrant commitment to bringing you undiluted rock.

Backed up by a mound of Marshal amps and a band intent on putting on a great rock show, the Guns N Roses guitarist returned to the stage with his second solo album Apocalyptic Love featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. Casually strutting on stage with his cool, calm and collective attitude, it was quickly evident that Slash isn’t your typical rock n’ roller riddled with fame. Instead, he portrays this shy kid demeanour, hiding behind the hair and sunglasses only to step into the limelight occasionally. Slash is definitely contempt just to be playing guitar in his own world; making him that little bit more intriguing.

Slash, along with Kennedy and co. pulled from an extremely varied set list showcasing tracks from early Guns to Snakepit to Velvet Revolver, whilst still placing prominence on their new material. Kennedy’s ability to tackle songs sung by Axl Rose and Ian Astbury with his own original spin is impeccable. Although vocally not quite as versatile as Rose, Kennedy certainly breathes a whole new life into the GNR’s hits including Sweet Child of Mine, with a powerful delivery of vocals proving to be an excellent choice of singer. Despite breaking strings on the odd occasion, Slash still kept shredding flawlessly. Hearing You’re a Lie live really confirmed itself as a massive hit, whilst No More Hero’s brought back the old school riffs we know and love about RnR.

Between the renowned extended guitar solos and the fast-paced concrete rhythm backbones, they gave you everything a solid rock and roll show should. There was blues, smooth groovy tunes, hard rock, signature sounds from the sexy Les Paul, and there was danger – quite possibly proving to be the perfect band for Slash.

Bassist Todd Kerns did a fantastic job on vocals for Welcome to the Jungle that sent the crowd into a wild frenzy – but not as nuts as the last encore of Paradise City, which really topped off the show. To put it bluntly, Slash and his band will blow your mind. It is a performance that breaks all rules by some of the most talented musicians to make RnR history, and if they continue to fulfil the obvious potential, simply put, they will be a raging success.

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