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Sola Rosa

Indi Bar 27/09/2012

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

Sheltered in the warmth of the Indi Bar the crowd waited in anticipation to soak up the tasty tunes of Sola Rosa, on tour to promote their latest album Low and Behold, High and Beyond.

The night set in motion with the progressing, visionary cadence of Rooster Police. They dished out experimental melodies in the form of a dreamy soundscape that ranged from slow dance through to full on electro. Live instruments played over pre-recorded arrangements were timed near perfectly with the combination of guitar, keys and drumming exceptional. There seems to be quite some hype surrounding these guys but the attention was quick to fade on Wednesday night. Whilst the beats were great, the vocals did absolutely no justice.

Back in Australia after two years, NZ act Sola Rosa took to the stage their rich and brilliantly constructed flow of rhythm. Originally started as one man project, now is a collective venture infusing sounds from reggae, jazz, hip-hop, soul and funk. Andrew Spraggon has used his renowned reputation as an innovative producer and combined his talent with the musical capabilities of the other four members. Together they tempt you into an exotic world of Latin style instrumentals, powerful vocals, and introduce you to a unique style that changes your expectations of electronic music.

Showcasing tracks from their latest album, the groove was clearly infectious with everyone in the room dancing. Cherie Mathieson’s vocals could only be described as remarkable; along with a hint of cheekiness, she oozed energy and musicality. Spikey Tee left his spot behind the decks for a few songs including In My Dreams to add his own inimitable style into the mix. Both vocalists on stage together offered a well-suited contrast whilst still maintaining their own sense of individuality. As the band rolled in and out of smooth soulful numbers, Spinning Top received a great response and the balance between live and queued sounds was ideal. For those that enjoy a journey through pure grooves, endless styles of music blended into one and an energy that is simply contagious, then Sola Rosa is for you.

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