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Steve Poltz

The Fly Trap, Fremantle 10/05/2012

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

If you didn’t think there were enough hours in the night to see a live band, solo act, comedy show, and storyteller – think again, with STEVE POLTZ all of this is rolled into the one performance. The man behind one of the highest-ranked billboard top100 hits, You Were Meant for Me is back to bring to the stage his unique brand of humour, high energy and the heartfelt songs he is well renowned for.

Opening up with Conversations with the Moon, Poltz had the full room hypnotised within minutes, creating an enthusing buzz of energy and confidence. You Aint Ready was the first taste of his quirky moments and the set was rocked-up for House Back before introducing his new album. Recorded in Perth (YoYo Studio) by The Sleepy Jackson’s Malcolm Clark, Poltz tells the crowd in his best Aussie accent how the album title, Noineen Noiny Noin was born and its connection with his first visit to Australia.

Each song tells a story incorporating playful imagery and great amounts of character. His words twist and turn hooking you in with such electricity and circulate a buzz of feel-good vibes. Wet for You will have you in tears of laughter, Trash gives another perspective of Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues and Sewing Machine will simply astound you.

With Poltz, you can’t help but be intrigued. He will captivate you, and hold you there in a trance-like state, only ever breaking for moments of extreme laughter. As anyone can attest, nothing compares to seeing him live. It’s clear he aims to connect with every one of us and most certainly hasn’t failed. Catch Steve Poltz at his last Perth show at The Bird this Sunday night if you know what’s good for you!

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