The Fall of Man | Rosemount Hotel | Live Review

The Fall of Man

Rosemount Hotel 21/11/11

Grabbing a microphone and screaming at the top of your lungs isn’t exactly the hardest of all tasks. To some, this is what metal music can be defined as; but to be truly great, to show talent and dimensions beyond this, is something completely different.

On Wednesday 21st September 2011, The Fall of Man released their efficacious sound through the speakers of Rosemount Hotel. The 5 piece band kick started the evening with The Haunted showing full dedication and energy to the fast-growing audience.

Hidden behind the dark hair yet still establishing a strong connection with the audience, the lead singer’s powerful, screeching, but still in tune vocals fill the room. By the third track Relentless the dark and moving atmosphere is set and it is evident that these guys certainly have something about them.

The band work together well; combining emotion, power and character. Before you know it, those that are sitting back admiring the talent with a beer make their way up close to the already headbanging fans to let their hair down and thrash away to the sound.

Each band member has a very noticeable and individual talent, with Justin Camilleri on vocals, Ben Clarke on drums, Cameron Butler and Nick Ballantine on guitar and Dominic Castledine on bass. The guitar riffs are intense and technical and it’s not hard to find yourself lost in watching their fingers race up and down the neck of the guitar, like a spider spinning a web.

The only downfall to this live performance was the sound engineering. Due to the frequency, the guitars were just that little bit too soft and made you wish you could crank them up higher given the technicality and ability clearly visible just by watching them play.

The Fall of Man is definitely a name to look out for in Perth’s upcoming live talent, and an energetic performance that is carried through to the end. Although there is always room to grow (and these guys are just getting started!), they will show you talent and dimension, and capture you on a completely different level.

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