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Indi Bar

Indi Bar, Scarborough 26/02/2012

Written for Drum Media (The Music)

The Indi Bar always presents a diverse range of talent and tonight was no different with The Seals headlining the Sunday session. The night kicked off with support act Jacob Diamond, who The Seals have recently recorded an EP with bringing to the stage a refreshing sound. Diamond who will be launching his EP in April/May blended his powerful voice with simple guitar slides that were quick to capture the crowd. His style built up from easy listening to a solid performance that resulted in some great Sunday tunes including Only Under the Moonlight which won him seven days of recording time.

On the other side of the spectrum, The Seals brought the easy-going vibe and flipped it right round with an explosive set of pure energy and enthusiasm. Although they were missing two of the original members, the band gave a vibrant performance that had everyone grooving to a mix of bluegrass, roots and gritty raw emotion. With some classics off their EP High including Country Man, the unique instrumentation and vocal harmonies the stamina and feel-good nature of each member were evident. Between the witty introductions, Phil’s outstanding harmonica solos, sexy sax riffs and wholehearted mood The Seals are guaranteed to entertain.

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