Mambo Chic | Nyoka Musango

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Opening with smooth rolling reggae beats, Mambo Chic have a contagiously brilliant atmosphere that captures you instantaneously. The first track off the EP, Nyoka Musango, introduces a busy contrast of instruments from keys to percussion, traditional drums and horns that carry throughout all their songs. Singing in native dialects that drift in and out of French and Shona, Populapaz and Fire! Fire! Fire are the only in English. Despite the multi-cultural languages though, the super summery vibe to it that leaves you wanting to shimmer and shake is more than easy to interpret.

Rhumba of the Rain slows things down but it’s cool, gentle spirit is still infectious and gives you nothing short of an impressive soulful sound. ­The EP flows, with a funky rhythm that’s driven by a deep-body shake bass. This backed up by some soothing harmonies and strong vocals creates a swinging, jazzed up feel that almost ‘pops’ out of your speakers.

The last track Fire! Fire! Fire! doesn’t entice you as much as the others but the groove is still there. Nyoka Musango is by far the stand out track complete with its festive impression fuelled by a foot tapping flair. This EP is the perfect summer mix with Mambo Chic certainly having the goods and giving your hips a swinging taste of what’s yet to come.

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