Music Collection: 8 of the Hottest Artists You Need to be Listening too

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2015 has been a great year of music – especially in the local scene. From older bands making a huge comeback with fresh material to new icons that are taking the industry over by storm; here’s 8 of the hottest artists and albums you need to have pumping through your stereo. Your very own music collection to wrap your ears around.

Cold Chisel: The Perfect Crime

Music Collection | Cold Chisel

Released early October, Cold Chisel are back with The Perfect Crime – and in fine form too. Whilst the band’s eighth studio album brings a touch of sadness with it, being the first album without drummer Steve Prestwich since he passed away in 2011, the compilation has been hard hitting in a very positive way too. The ultimate proof Cold Chisel still have it; The Perfect Crime could quite possibly be in their top albums of all time, dare I say it, and sees the band go back to their original bluesy-rock roots with a slight country twist. Perfect listening for a summer road trip; the guitar playing is on fire, their legacy still remains strong and Jimmy Barnes still has a mind-numbing impressive vocal range. Yup, still got it.

Top Tracks: Lost, Long Dark Road and Get Lucky. 

Strange Fiction: Orange

Music Collection | Strange Fiction

Originating from sunny Barcelona, Strange Fiction are exactly what Spain sounds like – imaginative, quirky and fantastically vibrant. Blending their Spanish roots and lifestyle with some stunning talent, their album Orange has an Incubus-infused rock feel to it with a powerhouse selection of songs that doesn’t disappoint. Strange Fiction combine the talents of all four members to offer its listeners an extremely catchy and exciting rock album – the sublime music backdrop to any moment.

Top Tracks: Tease HerAll It MeantNot Good Enough and Fisherman’s Truth.  

Everywhere: Shades at Night

Music Collection | Everywhere

Swedish alternative-rock band Everywhere’s latest single Shades at Night started seducing fan’s ears mid November and its success hasn’t been slowing down since. The first single off their second EP, due for release in 2016, Shades at Night has an impressive pop 80’s sound that rolls into a rockier tone for its fast-paced chorus. Recorded in LA and produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac and Blondie), the track is a fantastic glimpse of what’s to be expected for the rest of their EP – one to definitely be excited about.

Bloom: Self Titled EP

Music Collection | Bloom EP

Singing songs of love and loss, Bloom is certainly the talk of the local industry these days. With a voice that sits somewhere between Banks, Lana Del Rey and Adele, her music is powerfully moving, intimate and driven by punchy beats and moody vibes. Bloom’s first self-titled EP gets you waiting in anticipation for her full studio album sometime in the New Year and raises the bar in the local scene a little higher. Check out the live review here of Bloom’s EP launch at The Ellington Jazz Club last month.

Bri Clark: Shiver

Music Collection | Bri Clark Shiver

Local Perth singer and songwriter Bri Clark’s latest single is intoxicating, soulful and gutsy. Launched in October at The Boston, the track shows off her strikingly delicate songwriting skills and mind-blowing vocal range in its finest state. Co-produced by James Newhouse and Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe), Shiver pushes Bri’s creative boundaries to reveal a courageous talent. Powerfully raw and paired nicely with a polished-pop backing beat, Bri’s passion and honesty in her music makes it very addictive to listen too. An artist to definitely watch out for.

Troye Sivan: Wild

Music Collection | Troye Sivan

After the success of his Happy Little Pill track from his 2014 EP TRXYE, Troye Sivan’s latest EP has proved this young musician isn’t just your average YouTube personality. Layering over a heavy electric synth-pop sound, Troye’s warm vocals and brilliant lyric writing complement the sound well, building even further as you listen on. Delving deeper into the 6-track EP, it really does go from strength-to-strength; with his voice acting as the perfect balance to the fidgety instrumentals and deep-sound production. Wild is Troye’s fourth EP and has been quite the teaser for his debut album Blue Neighbourhood, which was released early December.

Top Tracks: Wild, Quiet and Fools (which features a collaboration with New Zealand artist Broods).

Logan Crawford: Breathe

Music Collection | Local Crawford

Rising New Zealand artist who now lives in Perth, Logan Crawford, has released an impressive first EP. A catchy style that creates a brilliant chill-out vibe, Breathe is filled with finger-picking guitar riffs, thought provoking lyrics and a visually inspiring sound. There’s a simplicity about Logan’s indi-pop songs that makes them captivating; drawing you carefully into his little world and leaving you intrigued to hear more.

Top Tracks: Breathe, Bones and Cynic. 

Buffalo Trio: Variable Choke

Music Collection | Buffalo Trio

Buffalo Trio are a Brazilian rock band based in Sydney mixing up a solid combination of rock, grunge and attitude. The band’s first full length album, Variable Choke, was released at the start of 2015 and uncovers traces of Nirvana and Black Sabbath in their very early days, and Them Crooked Vultures. Resonating heavily with the Brazilian and Aussie music scene, Buffalo Trio’s gutsy bass riffs, fearless guitar hooks and edgy vocals fuel their volcanic sound. Check out their new video here.

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