What You Need to Know About Music Festival and Gig Crowd Control in 2017

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This article is a guest post written by the team at The Temporary Fencing Shop, specialists in temporary fencing products and crowd control barriers across Australia. 

Gig crowd control at music festivals and events in not something to consider lightly. Effective crowd control leads to a successful event and a successful event results in happy and safe attendees. When there’s effective crowd control, people enjoy themselves and are more likely to return and recommend your event to others.

Here are five crowd control hacks you can use in 2017 to make sure all your punters enjoy the event.

Crowd Control

Queue Management

Lines at an event are inevitable but, if they’re carefully managed, they don’t have to be painful. If you have a large group of excited, tired and impatient people waiting in line to attend your music event, ensure that you offer some sort of distraction to take their mind off the long wait. Good options are an in-line stand for merchandise, a promotional video or in-line entertainment.

Optimise How Guests Find Their Way Around

Regardless of whether people have attended your event multiple times or if it’s their first time, it’s important that you have clear and easy to read signage for good navigation. Signage should define a pathway and offer clear information on established areas – people should know when they’ve reached their desired destination. By offering clear signage, festival attendees will be less likely to question your staff, which will free them up for other, more important duties.

gig crowd control

Temporary Barriers

Invest in quality crowd control barriers that cannot be easily knocked over – these will prove invaluable in areas where queuing is required. There will also be areas in your venue or public arena that will need to be closed off. Temporary fencing is a great option for this and can be set up to block access to specific areas and to also assist guests in navigating the event.

Ensure that you use clear signage with your barriers and temporary fencing so that guests have a clear understanding of where they can and cannot go. You can even go a step further and brand your temporary fencing and barriers.

gig crowd control

Flow Control

It’s important to have solutions in place throughout your venue that facilitates crowd flow at your event.  Velvet ropes are a classy way to guide a crowd at low key events or belts and stanchions with signage can provide the same outcome for bigger events, music festivals and gigs. Regardless of what you use, it’s important that you keep guests moving in the right direction to avoid any crowd frenzy or disruptions.

Speedy Deployment – Be Prepared

Most events will run smoothly but always be prepared for the unexpected or worst-case scenario. Plan and be prepared for the most basic of issues that may arise. Have an action plan so that staff can identify issues, why they have occurred and when it will be rectified. Ensure you have rapid-deployment tools stored in various locations throughout the venue so that they are easily accessible when an issue arises.  Also be prepared for a medical emergency by having first aid kits throughout the venue and a medical emergency team on standby.

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as over planning a gig or music festival. The more organised your team is, the better they will be to deal with any out-of-the-blue situations.

Crowd Control

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