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THE Perth live music showcase is now a multi-stage event! This August, the Fly and Toward Music proudly presents FEASTER #4. Showcasing local original live music, FEASTER #4 will be held at the Fly’s Victoria (Main) Hall Saturday 26th August. The event will also see the Fly Trap stage open downstairs for a double dose of FEASTER action.

Every month, FEASTER will accentuate some of Perth’s top talent in the spotlight. The local live music scene is continually buzzing with emerging artists and FEASTER strives to celebrate them all.

Round 4 is bigger and better with a feast of tunes to tempt all cravings. This lineup turns the time machine back to 60’s blues and old-school rock n’ roll. Also on the bill is feral power pop-rock, high-energy punk, indie-pop, dirty blues and indie-rock. Headlining the double-stage event are heartbreak rock n’ rollers The Caballeros.

FEASTER is Perth’s newest state-of-the-art original live music showcase. It features the finest selection of local musicians and bands each month. This collaboration between the Fly By Night and Toward Music comes in an effort to support, nurture and grow the creative opportunities for local artists.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


The Caballeros: Ladies and Gentlemen, step right this way, you are in for a treat! Specialising in what has been called Heartbreak Rock & Roll, the band proves that “rock and roll ain’t dead yet baby”, as announced by frontman Jake England.

What can you expect from The Caballeros? High energy party music with a nod to the past while looking to the future. An experience that’s more than just a gig! It’s something you can tap your foot to and that’ll put a smile on your face. So get up out of that chair and tighten up your dancing shoes, we dare you to come watch The Caballeros!

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


Peaky Blinders: Playing feral power pop rock and blues punk, Peaky Blinders is the project of The Clash’s ex-guitarist Nick Sheppard. Along with Marz Frisinia on drums and Hans-Aage Deberitz (Hans Double Demerits) on bass. The Blinders have been turning punk-rock lovers’ heads around for a few years, and are recording later in 2017.

Their mutual passion for punk was first shared in 2001 when Hans and Sheppard started playing together. The two met at a rock n’ roll gig Sheppard was performing at, and Hans’ style was quickly filed away until the Blinders became a thing. Peaky Blinders’ influences span across multiple genres with songs about teen-fan worship, books, middle-aged frustrations, mistakes, love and fire trucks. There’s also a couple of political numbers and a country tune with a classic power pop lead break. The Blinders are still rock, just with the push and pull and the air in between.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


The Killer Hipsters: TKH was the brain child of Neil Stacey (The Good Sons, The Coloured Chain) and John Ferrington (The Lost Dog Show), forming in March 2014. Joined by Paul Volich and Marty Jones, the four ventured into the unknown as The Killer Hipsters. Delivering their own brand of punk with original songs and ideas, questioning their social conscious of the day, TKH played to crowds around the inner city. The regular gigs brought a concrete core of loyal followers.

Marty Jones later left the band and was replaced with Tom Marsh (Gravity). Marsh, with his years of skin beating in Gravity, brought an air of professionalism and excitement. TKH released their debut, self-titled record in 2015 and have since played with many local and international acts including Custom Royal, Peaky Blinders and Jesus Jones (UK). The band have just finished recording 2 EP’s which will be released later this year. Catch them at FEASTER for a gutsy, high-energy classic punk performance.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


Dirtwater Bloom: Perth band Dirtwater Bloom have been playing heavy dirty blues rock music since 2012. Think Cowboys and seedy bars, cheap women, whiskey and wasted love. Formed by Veteran singer/guitarist Rhys Watson and ex-bassist Tam Bosic, DWB have had the pleasure of creating their own dark, moody version of the blues.

DWB saw some lineup changes in 2013 with Dave Benck, best known for his haunting harmonica harmonies with The Floors. Drummer Nick Osborne also come on board to inject just the right amount of lightning fast fills. 2014 saw DWB jump off their saddles and settle into Blackbird recording studio with Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe, The Avenues). “The recording is live, raw and honest, something you just don’t get any more” – Andy. Nowadays, the band have returned to the busy life of gigging and recording is in process.

Dirtwater Bloom are: Rhys Watson (vocals/guitar), Dave Benck (vocals/harmonica), Nick Osborne (drums) and Jarren Osborne (bass).

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


Figurehead: Figurehead are a 4-piece alternative pop/rock band from Fremantle. Since forming in 2014, Figurehead have been busy playing live, recording and developing their own catchy brand of indie-pop. The teen alt-rockers released their debut EP in 2015 which scored 2 nominations for WAM Song of the Year.

Figurehead made it to the finals of The Big Splash 2016 band competition (out of 217 entries), and their debut single Blind was voted the No#1 song of 2015 by Western.Oz radio listeners. They have played more than 60 shows and supported the likes of San Cisco and The Love Junkies. This year, the band have released two tracks Suits and Teacher’s Pet off their forthcoming EP.

“You guys have your shit together. Suits sounded sick on the radio! You’ll have a lot of fans if you keep up at this level” – Declan Byrne: triple J.

Figurehead are: Matt Murphy (guitar/vocals), Josh Gallagher (guitar), Chet Morgan (drums/vocals) and Ross Mace (bass).

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


Moonlighter: Moonlighter, also hailing from Freo, are Fremantle’s finest Blues Rats. A power trio emerging from the ether to recall the best in late 60’s blues in Psychedelia paired with a bone crunching rhythm section and their own youthful twist that harness a storm in their electrifying live show.

Raw, accomplished and unapologetically loud. Moonlighter tip the hat to The Who and Jimi Hendrix with contemporary hints of Rival Sons and early Tame Impala. Rowdy drums and wailing guitar solos meet sweet, keening vocals and in intricate compositions.

Only a year into their career, Moonlighter are one of Perth’s busiest new bands. Born from three local acts uniting in mid-2016, the trio have honed their skills on Perth’s best stages to become a rock solid live act that keeps venues asking them back. This year, Moonlighter released two singles The Fool and Loose Moods. The band have plenty of plans and new music for the rest of 2017 as their reputation as WA’s rising Rock act continues to spread.

Moonlighter are: Sascha Seabourne-Carlin (guitar/vocals), Connor Hart (bass/vocals) and David Brennan (drums.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


The Murderbirds: What started for vocalist/guitarist, Matthew Pratt over a decade ago as a predilection for The HorrorPops – featuring husband and wife, Kim Nekroman and Patricia Day – saw him dig deeper into the world of punk influence to discover the impressive catalogue of Danish psychobilly legends, Nekromantix, fronted by vocalist/coffin-bassist, Nekroman.

The realisation that it was more than just punk led to a massive fascination with rockabilly as well,” Pratt recalls. “Researching and listening to it was like travelling through time from now to the ‘50s. Amazing!

With other influences such as Wanda Jackson, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis coming into play, and more of a tailored vision in mind for a new band, Pratt formed The Murderbirds, with Cale Blythe (bass/vocals) and Rhys Carroll (drums/vocals). The trio took a more ‘songwriterly’ approach to the material they would write, perform and record. The Muderbirds’ debut EP Karma Crow was released in 2016.

Karma Crow a small slice of what we do and what is to come. The EP was independently recorded and produced in a tiny jam room using minimal equipment which explains the raw, organic feel to it… a sound that we are really proud of.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase


The Midnight Mules: The Midnight Mules are an Australian indie-rock outfit from Perth. ‘The Mules’ as they are affectionately named by their fans, formed when Tom Mantle (vocals/guitar) met Chris Rowe (vocals/guitar) and Matt Revil (drum) in primary school back in 1995. Tom, Matt and Chris played together and with other bands until finally forming The Midnight Mules as a serious project in 2011.

After years of gigging and honing their insane onstage energy, the boys released their first EP in 2013. The record, First World Problems, shows their sound change from Brit-pop to a harder edge, with clear comparisons between Two Door Cinema Club and Last Dinosaurs. The Mules also released their current EP Still Here which showcases them in their purest, but not yet final form. Now, they’ve cemented themselves as one of Perth’s main-stay-acts.  Always bringing powerful on stage energy to all of their shows and playing with bands such as Rag N’ Bone, Lacey, Tired Lion & You Got A Radio (JAP).

Feaster #4 sees a fresh lineup with Karl McCabe (guitar), Ziggy Atwell (drums) and long-standing bass player James Vincuillo returning.

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase - The Midnight Mules


The Shakeys: Formed in 2011, The Shakeys were named in tribute to the unconventional life of a Perth roadie, Dave “Shakey” Brodie, who had a passion for garage and rock n’ roll bands. The band has supported the likes of Brant Bjork (USA), The Meatpuppets (USA), The Hard-On’s (SYD), Warped (MELB) and more.

Their latest EP White Lightning was recorded in a former grindhouse theatre with Mitch McDonald (The Love Junkies) over 2 days. The EP saw them do a subsequent tour of Japan, playing with some of the coolest garage bands. Their next offering will be recorded later in 2017 and is set to unleash more tracks of no-nonsense punk rawk, with The Shakeys signature tongue-in-check sense of humour.

“The city of Perth in Australia has moulded quite possibly one of the greatest garage bands currently active – The Shakeys. The band’s sound borrows from The Saints, the Donnas and the soul of the Ramones”. Chuck Livid, TuffGnarl, USA

FEASTER 4 Perth Live Music Showcase

Event Details:

Saturday 26th August: Fly By Night Musicians Club, Fremantle | Main Hall & Fly Trap
6pm-12pm | $15 on door | Happy Hour 5-6pm | Event details here.

Playing Times:

6:30pm-7pm – Figurehead (Main Stage)

7:05pm-7:30pm – Moonlighter (Fly Trap Stage)

7:40pm-8:15pm – Peaky Blinders (Main Stage)

8:20pm-8:50pm – The Killer Hipsters (Fly Trap Stage)

8:55pm-9:30pm – Dirtwater Bloom (Main Stage)

9:35pm-10:05pm – Midnight Mules (Fly Trap Stage)

10:10pm-10:45pm – The Shakeys (Main Stage)

10:50pm-11:20pm – The Murderbirds (Fly Trap Stage)

11:25pm-12am – The Caballeros (Main Stage)

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