Rageaholic: You Can Now Watch Every ‘Rage’ Playlist from the Last 20 Years

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ABC’s music program Rage holds a pretty special place in most people’s hearts. For the last 30 years (happy milestone year, Rage) the show has pumped out hundreds and thousands of rockin’ music videos. The valuable bible of musical education that became a staple of most Aussie’s lives. There’s not many who wouldn’t have a good Rage story to share either. Tuning into the show in the early hours of Saturday during the 90’s was a big part of our generation. Hours of back-to-back music videos and epic playlists pulled together by some of the best artists and presenters.

If you were a fan of these Rage playlists then you’re in luck. Two legendary Rageaholics, Brock Kenzier and Michael Henderson devised a way to deliver 20 years of them to your screen. And it’s fuckin’ brilliant.

The Brisbane fans introduced us to their slightly insane undertaking in May via an iPhone app. Rageaholic pulls over 200,000 video clips from YouTube to the app for your listening and viewing pleasure. It’s the first time in the show’s history that the full playlists were able to be played as they were on Rage. Now, the boys have released the Rageaholic website as a counterpart. Pace yourself if you’re planning on listening to everything, though. That’s over 2,000 playlists collated from 1998 to early 2017!

That’s right, music lovers. You can officially revisit every Rage playlist from your childhood to your rebellious teens at the swipe of your fingertips. The nifty toolbar can be reached down the Rageaholic rabbit hole here, where you can be transported back to those 90’s flashbacks anytime.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:

Rage playlist

The website is super easy to use too. Even a monkey — such as the lead singer of the Bloodhound Gang in their Bad Touch video — could navigate this thing, with a handy slider at the bottom to help you select the year, and a search bar to help you choose the playlist via the guest programmer.

Happy listening and watching music lovers!

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