Season 3 at The Newport Record Club with You Am I

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“I’ve always loved 50’s rock n’ roll, 60’s beat groups, 70’s punk and 90’s grunge. You Am I enveloped all of these styles and more, whilst still having their own unique thing going on. They’re predominately a rock n’ roll band but there’s so much happening on all their records which is inspiring” – Salv Di Criscito

20 years ago (wow, doesn’t that make you feel old!), Sydney band You Am I released Hi Fi Way, an album that still shares a passionate love affair with many fan’s and musician’s record players. And why shouldn’t it; with frontman Tim Rogers’ exceptionally crafted songs and a consistent quality about his work that simply cannot be denied, You Am I’s raw and influential sound is truly solidified with Hi Fi Way. 


It was an album that changed lives, positively impacted musicians and reached out to fans on a whole new level. And that’s what The Newport Record club is all about showcasing. Fuckin’ brilliant albums that capture the spirit of a time and place. You can read more about The Newport Record Club and Co-Founder Steve Parkin’s insight into the juicy details here.

Who Are You And I?


You And I is a band specially formed to recreate You Am I’s Hi Fi Way. Started by Salv Di Criscito (The Morning Night), You And I features local superstars Adrian Hoffman (The Morning Night) on keys and guitar, Michael Savage (The Morning Night) on bass and Russell Loasby (The Autumn Isles) on drums.

I put this group together in March for the opportunity to play You Am I’s Hi Fi Way at The Newport Record Club“, explains Di Criscito. “I’ve always loved 50’s rock n’ roll, 60’s beat groups, 70’s punk and 90’s grunge… You Am I enveloped all of these styles and more whilst still having their own unique thing going on which was a huge influence on me. It inspired me to listen to everything – different styles and different eras. They’re predominantly a rock n’ roll band, but there’s so much happening on all their records which is very inspiring“.

Why You Am I Are Just So Damn Brilliant…


You Am I are a band that don’t fuck around. For decades, they’ve been endured as one of Australia’s most respected rock bands fulled by a frontman that’s a dedicated writer and performer in all aspects. With a rock ethic that sits strongly in the heart of all four members and a raw tenderness about their songs, they’ve created a legacy in the local music scene that’s pretty hard to beat.

Roger’s personal insights, story telling techniques and skilful wordplay is powerful, beautifully dark and moving all at once. Combined with the talents of Davey Lane on guitar, Andy Ken on bass and Russell Hopkinson on drums, You Am I have created an Australian masterpiece of classic songs.

You And I at The Newport Record Club

The Newport Record Club

The Newport Record Club is filling a gap in the Perth music industry and is something that co-founder’s Dave Parkin and Malcolm Clark have certainly hit the nail on the head with – for both local musicians and fans. “To have the opportunity to perform our favourite records is amazing. Not to mention watching your peers play them too”, says Di Criscito. “There’s been so many different styles and eras performed so far, it’s incredible”. 

You And I will be performing You Am I’s Hi Fi Way Thursday 2nd of July at The Newport Record Club. “After attending the performances it’s a huge pleasure to finally play at the record club”, says Di Criscito.”Most people know me as a drummer (not so much as singer / guitarist) so that’s certainly given me the goal of something to prove to everyone. And what better way to do that than by playing a You Am I record!!”

Expect to see You Am I’s Hi Fi Way performed by us in it’s entirety, plus an encore of great songs from other records. We’d love to play them all of course, but hopefully we manage to play the ones people really want to hear. And do them justice!” 

For details and ticket information make sure you visit the event page here. The Newport Record Club have a total of 14 live shows for season 3 including the likes of Nirvana (my personal favourite!), Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Marley, Queen and oh much more… Get the full line up here and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all the latest updates.



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