Shameem Taheri-Lee

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Shameem Taheri-Lee

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Most could easily agree that Jazz music is all about charisma. It rewards its listeners with a soulful, swinging sound. Australian born singer/songwriter SHAMEEM TAHERI-LEE showcases an unmistakable talent and passion for constructing songs infused with groove and R&B to create a distinctive approach to music and her self-titled CD.

The first tracks are slow, taking a bit of time to get into the mellow vibe. Despite Boy starting off with a funky intro and being introduced to TAHERI-LEE’S angelic yet powerful vocals, something still seems to be missing. Back to the Ground however, pulls you in, takes what was missing and replaces it with personality, energy, and a beat that you can’t get out of your head. This, as well as Shameem Taheri-Lee’s vocal flexibility, is carried through for the rest of the album and is propelled by a strong instrumental backing to reveal layer under layer of her passion for life, music and individuality.

Deep, Still slows the mood right back down to a stylish, smooth and somewhat sexy ballad with the vocals complementing the keyboard beautifully. Disappointed will lyrically move you, Parents and Children will paint a picture of how parents aren’t perfect and the reality of when a child’s role is reversed with them, and In Time bleeds solid, raw emotion.

Shameem Taheri-Lee presents you with an album that will reach out and inspire her audience. With her naturally soulful voice and a strong sense of spirituality, it will make you want to see a live performance to capture the full energy and charisma of this Jazz artist.

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