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After the success of their recent performance for Perth’s exclusive Newport Record Club, Stacked Actors – a local supergroup put together especially to pay tribute to the Foo Fighters – came back due to popular demand for a final show at the Rosemount Hotel.

But first, setting the tone for the night was End of Fashion’s frontman Justin Burford. Stripping back some of the hottest RnB tracks of the 90’s, Burford led the slowly growing crowd back a few decades in one hell of a time machine. His take on Blackstreet’s No Diggity was simplified yet funky, and Busta Rhymes went off flawlessly. With a great line up of classics, Burford’s performance had the audience positively hyped for a 1997 party.

Getting their grunge on with an exceptional tribute to one of the greatest rock bands around, Stacked Actors took over the stage with such power, launching into the Foo Fighters’ 1997 album The Colour and The Shape. Made up of some of Perth’s hottest talent, the Stacked Actors – Salv Di Criscito (The Bitter Grins), Russell Loasby (The Autumn Isles), Aidan Gordon (Tenderhooks) and Brian Maloney (The Autumn Isles) – played the Foo Fighters’ biggest selling record in all its entirety, from start to finish, with a few surprises at the end.

Dripping with slick and raunchy rock riffs, offbeat grunge fills and raw vocals, Stacked Actors rocked out all the solid grooves Foo Fighters fans know and love; and boy did they do it justice. Monkey Wrench was explosive and as the band continued into My Poor Brain, Wind Up and Up in Arms, it was clear they had the crowd thoroughly engaged.

Stacked Actors | Foo Fighters | Toward Music

My Hero, a song written about Kurt Cobain, was a definite highlight of the night, as was the rendition of Everlong – a personal favourite of mine. And to top it off – we got to hear it twice! Frontman Di Criscito was a character on stage working the crowd into a wild frenzy by the end of the night, whilst Loasby absolutely nailed the Everlong drum beats at lightning speed; grippingly wonderful…not once but both times.

Finishing off the album with New way Home, Stacked Actors still had a few hit-encores up their sleeves. Rope, Best of You, Times Like These, Generator and All My Life were all unapologetically loud, bombastic and loaded with everything you would expect from a rock n’ roll gig. They had the audience hook, line and sinker with the d-floor shaking.

Stacked Actors | Foo Fighters | Toward Music

As a whole the band were tight and impressive without seeming too rehearsed. Working off each other’s magic to create a vibe that was infectious and upholding a full-action group dynamic, they put on a show that was intensely powerful, pumping and a little close to perfect.

Coated with layers of pleasing-pop, grunge darkness and mile-wide hooks, the depth of The Colour and The Shape was certainly experienced in full Sunday night. There’s something truly spectacular about hearing a solid-rock album in all its entirety, rather than just pumping out hit after hit. You get the complete adventure – how it was intended to be – and thanks to the Stacked Actors, you got the Foo Fighters’ greatest hits and rock n’ roll action too.

Stacked Actors | Foo Fighters | Toward Music

Stacked Actors | Foo Fighters | Toward Music


Stacked Actors | Foo Fighters | Toward Music

Photo Credits: Special thanks to Matt at Krüeger Imaging. For more gig photos, make sure to check out the Toward Music gallery.


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