Secret Show | Devilles Pad Transforms into Perth’s Newest Live Music Venue

After almost a year since the famous Las Vegas-inspired cocktail bar closed its doors, a ‘secret mystery band night’ saw Perth’s hottest venue open up once again. But this time – with a little bit more of a spin. On … Continued

On Fire: Bloom Launches New Track ‘Ghost’ at The Ellington Jazz Club | Perth

Pop-princess Bloom launched the release of her new track Ghost as part of her self-titled EP at The Ellington Jazz Club in Perth on Wednesday 18th November 2015. Playing to a sold out crowd (what a way to celebrate your 30th … Continued

Naughty By Nature Australian Tour Live Music Review | Astor Theatre Perth

We’ve seen it all before when a group or band gets reunited specifically for an anniversary tour. They usually haven’t written any new material for years and certainly wouldn’t have done much in the live performances department recently either. And … Continued

Nirvana’s In Utero | The Newport Record Club | Live Review – The Newport Hotel

It’s safe to say there’s a lot of us who have never seen Nirvana live. The last (and only) time they toured to Australia was February 1992 for Big Day Out. Two years later, Kurt Cobain was found dead in … Continued

New ‘Pulp Fiction’ Inspired Live Music Venue Hits Perth

For all those iconic cult film lovers, the Jack Rabbit Slim’s twist content is a memorable Quentin Tarantino movie moment. Set in a 1950’s diner with rockabilly tunes that’ll burn holes in the dance floor, the famous Pulp Fiction scene will … Continued

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters Guitarist) & The Dead Peasants Interview

Saturday Night Music Written for X-Press Magazine Foo Fighters guitarist, Chris Shiflett, talks about the release of his second album with The Dead Peasants, All Hat And No Cattle. JAYDE FERGUSON reports. Best known for his heavy rock riffs with … Continued

Boy & Bear Interview | Cover Story (X-Press Magazine)

Home Fires Written for X-Press Magazine Boy & Bear’s second album, Harlequin Dream will feed its eager fans this week followed by their ’16 Days under the Southern Sun’ tour approaching Perth November 22 at Metro Fremantle. JAYDE FERGUSON reports. Front man … Continued