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The Cranberries

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After ten years since the band’s last release, and a break up announcement in 2003, THE CRANBERRIES have returned with ROSES. No doubt the surprise and curiosity starts to creep in to find out exactly what the group who topped the 90’s charts has been up to in the past decade and where their sound has taken them. Six years after The Cranberries broke up, they briefly united for an acoustic performance and something about playing together again relit the familiar spark between the four. Now, The Cranberries will be returning to Australia in March 2012 with Lenny Kravitz and Wolfmother to bring to the stage their new ideas, and re-discovered sound.

The album starts off with Dolres O’Riordan’s extraordinary vocals and I must admit it’s great to hear them again. Initially, it’s a little slow to get into and although still has the familiar sounds of the band, doesn’t quite excite you as quickly as you hoped. By Fire and Soul the substance starts to pick up and the emotive lyrics are quick to capture you. Raining in my Heart has a simple, quality acoustic intro and you are reminded of Noel Hogan and Mike Hogan’s unique way of creating chords. O’Riordan’s vocals are most powerful in Loosing My Mind with a sensational build up and Waiting in Walthamstow takes a different, almost haunting turn.

Whilst it’s great to hear the familiar sounds of the band, the songs aren’t as powerful as those from their first two albums. Roses is the product of a band with a renewed hunger, and the pivotal instrument of O’Riordan’s vocals being the glue that holds it together.

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