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The Paddo has always been one of my favourite music venues so heading down for a dose of live music Friday seemed all too perfect to support The Killer Hipsters album launch. With a line up of music icons, local rock and dirty old school punk – it was bound to be a winner.

The Killer Hipsters
We arrived at the Paddo with just enough time to catch the end of Dirty McQueen – now these four guys know how to put on a show! Whilst each flaunted huge amounts of charisma, lead singer Cooper Egan had an energy about him that was simply contagious, injecting a lot of it into his performance alongside some epic dance moves to keep the crowd thoroughly entertained too.

Up next were Peaky Blinders (Nick Sheppard from The Clash’s new band). Much like the British TV series Peaky Blinders, the band was fast-paced, powerful, magnetic and definitely kept you on the edge of your seat. Well, in this case – on your toes. Sheppard’s voice is perfect for the band’s old school rock sound with definite traces of punk-rock and funk influences that wedged its way in. The band fed off the crowd’s liveliness with an exceptional performance, and some of the best guitar solos I’ve heard live from a local band in Perth before.

Peaky Blinders
Launching their self-titled album, The Killer Hipsters ooze all things ‘old skool’. Delivering a classic punk performance, they put on a gutsy garage-like show that really came alive when drummer Tom Marsh threw off his shirt revealing tats, attitude and hard-core talent. John’s vocals were powerful with obvious influences from the likes of The Ramones and The Clash. Their songs off their self-titled album are confronting – dealing with mental health issues and deep drug addictions whilst still honouring a conventional punk-rock sound filled with melodic sensibilities. This four-piece amplify energy with catchy guitar riffs that are bound to hook those punk-rock lovers at heart in.


The Killer Hipsters

Next in the evening was the side project of Paul McCarthy (The Wishers, The Boys). Showcasing a somewhat intimate performance, The Fortunados have a desire and dedication to their musical craft that’s impressive, entertaining and familiar. Also featuring Dave Brockwell and Tristan Demmler from The New Invincibles, these blokes put on a crackin’ show performing their latest tracks including Moses, Wildside, Lost, Waiting and Burlesque. Demmler’s organ playing was sound, with impressive drumming enactment from Brockwell – actually, to be honest there was something pretty spectacular about all the drumming throughout the night! With a long history in WA music, Paul McCarthy’s skills are clearly tangible, leaving a lasting impression that sticks with you long after the show.


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