Season 5 of The Newport Record Club with Guns N’ Roses

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“This album is the hard rock realm. Appetite for Destruction is simply as good as it gets – it’s an institution. Its status as one of the best-selling albums of all time is well justified. Besides the exquisite vocal and instrumental performances (among which are some of the most memorable in the rock genre), the exceptional songwriting on the album has really given it a timeless quality” – Lindsay Stronach-Bates.

Great rock n’ roll is like an aphrodisiac for people. I’m talking sleazy guitar and bass riffs that penetrate your soul, loose drum beats you feel pumping through your heart and dirty, loud, REAL rock music. Guns N’ Roses are without a doubt one of the world’s best, and greatest, rock n’ roll bands to date. Forming from a bunch of misfits that ended up influencing millions, the impact Guns N’ Roses have made (and continue to make) is undeniable. Putting the rock into roll, they’ve always been an essential ingredient in the musical lexicon and since forming in 1985, have been a band that changed the history of rock n’ roll music forever.

According to Joe Perry, the guitarist of Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses are a band that “revived our kind of rock”. They hit the nail on the head; adding a different kind of magic to the music we thought we knew. Inspiring fans and well-loved musicians alike, Guns N’ Roses became an unstoppable force. And the explosive rise of one of the biggest bands – in all their rock n’ roll, sex, drugs and excess glory – fuelled an edgy rock attitude like no other.

Guns N' Roses - The Newport Record Club

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the first show for Season 5 pays tribute to Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. Joining together specifically for this special night and to kickstart another massive season, The Gunners – featuring some of Perth’s most recognised talent – will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 14th April, 2016. Event details here.

Getting to Know The Gunners

Lindsay Stronach-Bates: (Lead Guitar)

After studying contemporary music at WAAPA, Lindsay obtained a Bachelor of Creative Arts (music) and a Bachelor of Music Education from ECU. In between session work, Lindsay teaches instruments for Lumen Christi College.

Sal Abate: (Vocals)

As a veteran of the Perth music, Sal is best known for his work with rock band Emerald City, touring both locally and internationally. When he’s not belting out high-powered vocals, he can usually be found enjoying a quiet cup of team.

Danny Torre: (Drums)

Boasting an impressive musical resume, Danny has honed his skills in some of Perth’s most recognised original acts. As a member of Diamond Eye, he recorded the LP Blood of Angels in LA with producer Bob Kulick (Kiss, W.A.S.P) and producer/engineer Brett Chassen (Ronnie James Dio, Alice Cooper). More recently he has drummed in local group Reaper’s Riddle.

The Gunners

Paul Judge: (Bass/Backing Vocals)

Paul is no newcomer to The Newport Record Club stage, having been a part of the group that performed The Cult’s seminal 1987 album Electric back in Season 3. An accomplished bassist, his group Babyjane has recorded and toured locally and internationally. In 2015 after performing at the Rocklahoma Festival, the group recorded a single with former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke at his home in Hollywood.

Gunners are a direct and massive influence on Babyjane“, explains Paul. “I get to play all those bass lines I grew up emulating from this album. It’s got to be the one album I’ve listened to and work out more than any other in my entire collection!”

Mike Burke: (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Mike has been a full-time musician for several years now, performing all over WA. He is a member of local bands Kickstart and Third Gear. In addition to his rock solid guitar chops, he possesses a killer falsetto vocal that would make Barry Gibbs stand up and take notice.

Guns N' Roses

The Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction 

Seducing our ears in 1987, Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction carved a whole new level of raunch and repulsiveness into the world of rock n’ roll. Living up to its name as ‘the greatest hard rock record of the 80’s’, Appetite for Destruction arrived like a tsunami into the scene – blowing freakin’ everyone’s minds into a million wonderful, beautifully explicit pieces. Combining bluesy emotion with hardcore dirty riffs, punk rock energy and detailed lyrics about the bands’ drug abuse, sex lives and everything in between, the album had a unique edge to it…and completely dominated every corner of rock n’ roll music.

Guns N' Roses

“As a guitarist, Slash has been a big influence for me personally. Discovering Slash was a watershed moment for me as a guitarist; because his tasty, blues-rock playing on Appetite for Destruction is a masterclass on the art of melodic phrasing. Despite having blazing technical ability, he always crafts parts that serve the song. That strong melodicism is something I’ve worked hard to develop in my own playing. Appetite has also been an influence in terms of songwriting. The great amount of care put into the structures of the songs and the emphasis on strong, memorable melodies through the entire album is another area in which this record has left an indelible mark on my musical development…”

“…Drummer Steven Adler might not be a technical monster, but boy, can he groove! His loose feel is the secret spice to the songs, the skin in place of plastic, the extra pickle in the cheeseburger. In a general sense, there is clearly a special musical chemistry between the players on this album that has never been duplicated by any of the subsequent Guns N’ Roses line ups – Lindsay Stronach-Bates

“This is one of the first albums that introduced me to a heavier style of music, and away from bands I used to listen too that I’m embarrassed to even mention! Sweet Child of Mine was the one song that made everyone’s ears prick up, but it was by no means indicative of what the rest of the album sounded like. It was actually quite misleading. The album as a whole was a template of the kind of music I continue to write today, but still can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that makes it work. It has that magic ‘thing’ that all classic albums have” – Paul Judge. 

Guns N’ Roses at The Newport Record Club’s Opening Show for Season 5


“I think we’ve all thrown in Sweet Child of Mine or Paradise City to the setlists of our various groups at one time or another, but have craved the opportunity to really go the distance and play the entire album; from the biting animalistic guitar riff that kicks off Welcome to the Jungle, through to the bluesy vocal phrasing that concludes Rocket Queen and all the sweaty, sleazy rock in between!” 

“This gig is going to rock. Hard. For every Guns N’ Roses fan that has perked up upon hearing a cover band pull out Sweet Child of Mine only to groan as they follow it up with the latest ‘flavour-of-the-month’ disposable hit, this is for you! For those of you that lament them lack of cowbell in contemporary rock, this is for you. We’ve committed ourselves to performing this album in as authentic a manner as possible, including a shiny whistle that will wait patiently for its one moment in the sun. Young or old, if you like Guns N’ Roses, this gig will really satisfy your appetite!”

“We’re all excited to be a part of such a thriving regular event. People who come along to a Record Club show are not only getting the satisfaction of hearing the albums they love – and in many cases, grew up with – played live in full, but they are hearing them played by some of the best musicians in Perth, with an awesome visual / lighting display to boot. Additionally, the stylistic diversity of the albums performed means that there really is something for everyone. The proof is in the pudding – Season 5 and still going strong!”

Season 5 of Perth’s exclusive Record Club is only JUST beginning! There’s so much music goodness in store over the next two months, including Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Silverchair, James Brown, Pink Floyd, The Doors and more. Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details for each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all the latest updates.


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