The Newport Record Club Launches Season 3 with Boys Revisited

“Music lovers are still out there – if you put something together that’s good enough for them to want to come. The musicians we’ve had and the albums they have chosen have helped the Newport Record Club greatly. We get 70 year old and 18 year olds at the same gigs and they are all loving it. The only gig I’ve ever been involved in where a crowd was actually moshing at 9.30pm on a Thursday night (Nirvana show)” – Steve Parkin, Co-Founder of The Newport Record Club.




What is The Newport Record Club?

Thanks to the guys behind the event – Steve Parkin and Malcolm Clark, the Newport Record Club sees local Perth bands take on a classic album in one of Perth’s best live music venues – The Newport Hotel. Joining together to pay tribute to the artists that have heavily influenced them and the albums that have never left their turntables, these local supergroups come from all walks of life to play their favourite album live – like you’ve never seen it before.

I can’t take full credit for the idea behind The Newport Record Club“, says Parkin. “It all started when I was doing a show called ‘classic albums’ in St Kilda at a venue called Pure Pop Records. We had Courtney Barnett doing INXS, Smudge doing Modern Lovers etc… I asked Dave Stevens – the manager, for his permission to start it up over in Western Australia. The rest, as they say….

Filling a Gap in the Perth Music Industry

There’s no denying that the music industry in Perth has been looking a little flat lately. With many high profile festivals canned and local live music venues shutting down, it’s become more important than ever to fill the void. The Newport Record Club does simply that; and could quite possibly be Perth’s next best thing.

I felt that the gigs were getting stale around Perth“, says Parkin. “And really, that’s partly to blame for venues closing down. Certain promoters and venues still think that it’s enough to get three bands and put them on a stage, turn on the lights and let them go until 12 pm. Personally, I don’t think that’s enough anymore“.

People really respond to something that’s more of a ‘show’ than a ‘gig’. Of course, local promoters and venues now have the Record Club to copy… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

The Lead Up to Season 3 of the Record Club

After two wildly successful seasons, incredible lineups and musicians from some of the biggest and best local bands can be expected for the next three months.



The first season, I emailed every musician in my contact list to take part”, says Parkin. “This season, there’s been over 60 applications from musos wanting to play and all the acts so far have been nothing short of brilliant“.

Who are the Boys Revisited?

For a one time show only, the classic Perth album from the Boys in 1980 will be exploding back into the scene at the Newport Hotel, Thursday 25th June. A band specifically formed to give you one last performance of the Boys in the heart of Fremantle; Boys Revisited will be part of the super special opening party for season 3 of the Newport Hotel’s very own Record Club.

Boys Revisited

The band features two former Boys members and includes iconic music legend Paul McCarthy (former Jackals lead singer and original Boys songwriter) on vocal, along with the talents of Frank Celenza (Boys, Baby Animals) on drums, Eddie Parise (Boys, Baby Animals) on bass and Chris Travaglini and Michael Basham on guitars.

This exclusive gig at the Newport Record Club will be the first time singer/songwriter Paul McCarthy has performed the entire album he wrote 35 years ago live. For those after some fantastic local musical history –
then this gig is definitely one for the records.

At the time of its release back in 1980, The Boy’s album went to number one on the Western Australia ARIA charts. It also spawned three top five singles – including the number one song When You’re Lonely, and was one of the first releases by a local band to acquire high rotation airplay on commercial radio. Back then, McCarthy hadn’t actually played with the band – he was their songwriter. Now with a time lapse of over three decades, McCarthy’s collections of songs for the band are the only ones he’s never performed on stage.

After The Boys second album, McCarthy moved onto other musical projects and the rhythm section of Frank Celenza and Eddie Parise went on to tour the world with five time ARIA award winners Baby Animals. Meanwhile The Boys stopped playing and their songs languished unplayed for decades, apart from the occasional solo performance of one or two by McCarthy himself.

“It seemed a shame, I’d written the songs as a complete body of work in a particular musical style and with each passing year, it seemed increasingly unlikely that the circumstances in which I would get to perform those songs would ever arise”, says McCarthy.

The Newport Record Club’s dedication to WA’s most beloved and recognised musicians really does provide a perfect format to revisit the songs off The Boys first album. After putting a band together to do the original album justice, McCarthy has delivered a group of local musicians that offer the ultimate 80’s flashback of The Boys in their finest form yet.

Are You Ready for Season 3?

With classic albums like the Boys, Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Pearl Jam’s Ten, Bob Marley’s Legend and so much more, season 3 at the Record Club is going to be huge.

Make sure you come down Thursday 25th June for the opening, and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all show updates and the full list of performances.


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