Season 6 of The Newport Record Club with a Tribute to Spinal Tap

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On March 2nd 1984, one of music history’s most acclaimed ‘rockumentaries’, This is Spinal Tap was released. Based on the story about one of England’s most powerfully exuberant fake rock bands – Spinal Tap, the film and the music both went on to become the unofficial bible for almost every rock n’ roll musician out there.

The high-flying fictional heavy-rock band still remains as the very portrait of hilarious rock excess today. And the cult-classic film only backs it up. Shriekingly funny, full of standout performances and with some of the best parody songs you’re likely to hear, Spinal Tap is ironically influential; better yet – it’s kind of legendary.

Spinal Tap

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the next installment of Season 6 pays tribute to Spinal Tap This is Spinal Tap album. Derek and the Smalls will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 15th September, 2016. Event details here.

Meet the Band

Tom Fisher: (Bass / Vocals) – “I first began playing around age 7 with my father Jim Fisher. Since then I’ve been involved with working and touring nationally and internationally for over 20 years.” Bands include Tom Fisher and the Layabouts, The Go Set, Ash Grunwald, Carus and more.

Kilian Albrecht: (Lead Guitar) – Tom Fisher and the Layabouts, DM3.

Jesse Beaton: (Lead Guitar) – Tom Fisher and the Layabouts.

Chris Richardson: (Drums) – Tom Fisher and the Layabouts.

Mark Ralph: (Keys) – Oats Supply.


Spinal Tap: The Ultimate Soundtrack

Spinal Tap is an epic soundtrack to Spinal Tap’s cult rockumentary and arguably the best musical parody album…ever. Musically hilarious and consistently entertaining the entire way through, Spinal Tap is life and art on vinyl; infused with bad poetry and mystery.

Bringing out snapshots from those impossible to find records like Brainhammer and Shark Sandwich, Spinal Tap reinforces the love with classics like Tonight I’m Going to Rock You Tonight, Big Bottom and Hell Hole. The album also gives listeners a taste of the band’s regrettable flirtations with progressive rock with Rock n’ Roll Creation and Stonehenge. It’s brilliant, bizarrely inspiring and makes you think you’re listening to a reasonably good British hard-rock band.

“As a muso, the Rockumentary is so close to home as everyone has been in those awkward Spinal Tap situations! For me, it’s a must watch before any tour haha.”

“It’s one of the funniest records and films ever made in my opinion and really strikes a chord with musicians. All whilst being a piss take! The songs are super fun to play and cult classics too.” 

Rock n’ Roll Creation at The Newport Record Club


” I love the Record Club, I even filled in as MC/host last week. A great concept that I wish I had thought of…. This will be my fifth or sixth Record Show!”

This is the second last night for Season 6 at The Newport Record Club! To finish off the season in style, join us next Thursday night for the Beastie Boys. Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details in the lead-up to each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all official updates.

“This Thursday night expect a very fun, loud and over-the-top show followed by a puppet show! Now let’s TAP… into Fremantle. What’s wrong with being sexy?”

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