Season 6 of The Newport Record Club with a Tribute to The Smiths

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Becoming one of the most influential cult bands of all time when they formed in 1982, The Smiths were a magnet for controversy. Blending a unique mix of Johnny Marr’s savvy lush guitar rhythms with the delicate vocals of Morrissey (crowned the sexually ambiguous poet), this British rock band were so much more than four incredibly talented musicians. And despite their career only lasting 5 years, their popularity only continued to grow… even decades after their split.

Crafting well thought-out, confessional lyrics, The Smiths portrayed all the obvious emotional states with their music; vulnerability and violence, sexual and social confusion, alienation and loneliness (their signature quality) and power and revenge. But it was only dramatised and uplifted by Marr’s exceptional guitar work and abilities as an arranger and producer, as he transformed it into exciting and concise melodies. Their music – even now – is often difficult to comprehend; but the indelible vocal melodies, amplified guitar sounds and carefully created lyrics were more than enough to get to you.

The Smiths

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the next night of Season 6 pays tribute to The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead album. Moz Squad – featuring some of Perth’s most recognised talent – will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 4th August, 2016. Event details here.

Meet Moz Squad

The Moz Squad are made up of true Smiths fans put together especially for the Queen is Dead’s 30th Anniversary.

Gary Cox: (Vocals and Guitar) “I’ve been listening to The Smiths since I was a kid in the early 80’s. I always adored the music. Something about Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke’s playing set against Morrissey’s hypnotic lyrical styles always makes me smile. I know Will feels the same so when were getting this together (and it’s taken years to get the right band to happen!) it had to be done with the right people. Cure Aidan, Gareth and the workhorse that is Russell Loasby!”

Will Stoker: (Vocals)

Russell Loasby: (Drums)

Gareth Bevan: (Bass)

Aidan Gordon: (Additional Guitars)

Moz Squad | The Smiths

The Smiths

The Smiths’ Queen is Dead Brilliance

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, The Queen is Dead is by far some of The Smiths best and most memorable work. Voted the Greatest Album of All Time by NME in 2013, the record takes you on a very creative journey through drama, wit and pain in all its beautifully defined glory.

Renowned as the album that contains the ‘most Morrissey lyrics’, The Queen is Dead captures every heartbreaking pain with witty wording and devilishly sassy insults. Featuring hits like I Know It’s Over and The Boy With The Thorn In His Side the record flaunts depth, focus and great tunes.  It’s an album to lose yourself in – and it’s easy to see why it’s become a massive influence for all things Britpop.

The Queen is Dead is one of the truly iconic albums. It’s considered by many as one of the most influential albums of all time. The first time I remember hearing it I was blown away. The songs are just so beautifully crafted and they all tell a story and seem to talk to all of us directly. Back in the day it gave us something we could relate too. What I truly love now is how many younger generations STILL relate to it so much. The guitar and bass playing on the album continues to have a profound effect on not just the way I play and craft my music, but also how the whole generation does”.

“We chose to do this record because The Smiths have had such a huge impact on so many people it felt like an obvious candidate for the Record Club. Also, with 2016 being the 30th Anniversary of the album it couldn’t be more timely”. 

There is a Light That Never Goes Out at The Newport Record Club


“The Record Club is truly a fantastic concept and a privilege not only for us to be invited, but also because we get to play one of our all time favourite albums. I’ve been to a few of the shows (and played guitar for the Bob Dylan night) and the atmosphere is electric. It’s an amazing showcase for Perth musicians and rapidly becoming an institution. Perth really has been starved of venues and gig opportunities – especially ones with such high production values. So, we love it!! Well done Steve and Malcolm for making it happen!”

Season 6 at The Newport Record Club has only just started! With The Eagles, Prince, Kate Bush, Elton John and more still to come. Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details in the lead-up to each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook and the Record Club Roadshow for all official updates.

“We’re going to take you back in time to 1985. The music sits at the front but we hope to see flowers everyone. The energy levels at rehearsals has been simply amazing. There’s a buzz amongst us and we’re simply bursting to play. It’s not an easy album to replicate (so many overdubs and effect on the guitars in particular) so we’ve studied the band’s live sound in detail. Also, the second set is a collection of Smiths’ classic. Wow, it was hard to choose those songs! There were tantrums and tears when we had to make the final cut… I guess there will just have to be a second show!” 

Moz Squad | The Smiths

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