50th Show Anniversary at The Newport Record Club with Bob Marley

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“Tayo (Snowball) and I sat down and decided to do Bob Marley for the simple fact that we both love reggae, ska and rocksteady… and most of all – good old fashioned dub which is the main ingredient in our band The Weapon is Sound”  – Malcolm Clark (The Weapon is Sound | The Sleepy Jackson)

Bob Marley was on a mission. Like most musicians he had a calling – a desire to change the world and inspire through music. But Bob took it to another level. His effect on music was different; it was more than just words. He was sending strong political and life changing messages to millions upon millions of people worldwide in a way that really impacted.

Despite society labelling Bob Marley a rebel because he embraced the ganja and fought for his beliefs, his messages were clear and held rare power, born from the strongest spiritual faith. Rastafarianism – a Jamaican belief developed in the 1930’s, is at the very heart of Bob Marley’s music. Coming straight from the soul his music has true value, something that has (and continues to) change lives. Through his magic, willingness, passion and dedication to his faith, the world witnessed a musical mastermind – a legend – take place.

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music in a very promising light, the closing night for season 3 is going to go off with a BANG! Local music icons from reggae and dub-infused bands will pay tribute to Bob Marley’s Legend for the 50th anniversary show of the Record Club! 

“What I’ve found to be the most rewarding thing with the Record Club is the fact that it’s a completely different experience to any other gig. Nearly all the bands are made up of professional musicians who have never played together before; this causes a tension that when intwined together produces quite a profound and real musical experience”.

Bob Marley’s Legend will be performed in all its entirety Thursday 1st October at The Newport Record Club. For details and ticket information make sure you visit the event page here. Expect a night of rollin’ reggae beats, some of the best dub vibes and a whole lot of Bob Marley love.

Meet the Reggae Lovers Behind the Band

Formed by Malcolm Clark (The Weapon is Sound, The Sleepy Jackson) and Tayo Snowball (The Weapon is Sound, The Isolites) Bob Marley’s Legend will be taken on by some of Perth’s iconic reggae legends.

“Tayo and I sat down and decided to do Bob Marley for the simple fact we both love reggae, ska, rocksteady and most of all…good old fashioned dub which is the main ingredient in our band The Weapon is Sound”, explains Malcolm.

“We have the fabulous Tayo Snowball on vocals and guitar, also from the amazing reggae band Manaaki we have Paora Pohatu on keys, Ajay Peni on guitar, Trojan John on bass and three breathtaking backing vocalists from Farran Wood, Geetha Periakarpan and Carrie Pereira. Our horn section is Jamie Canny, Sam Newman and Christian Ruggiero who call themselves the Brassholes and they are the backbone brass in the awesome Koi Child. There will also be the eclectic and smooth Edo Ekic from Old Blood on guitar and on percussion the man with the most impeccable timing and groove is Mr. Elliot Smith who plays in like a thousand bands… oh yeah, and I am on the drums!”




Bob Marley- A True Music Legend

Released in 1984, Legend is a collaboration album between Bob Marley and The Wailers. As one of the best selling reggae albums of all time, Legend oozes magic, soul and pure craft. Bob Marley once said that ‘reggae music is too simple for (American musicians), you must be inside it and know what’s happening to play it’. And he was. In one single disk, Legend captured absolutely everything that made Bob Marley the inspirational icon he still is today.

Loaded with soulful Jamaican rhythms, complexity and timeless tracks, the album represents a satisfying insight into Bob Marley’s world. From the comforting swing of No Women No Cry, to the tender love and vulnerability of Waiting in Vain and the holy promise of Redemption Song, Bob Marley’s Legend is sweetly seductive and irresistibly chilled – what every great reggae album should be.


“Reggae as a style of music has always fascinated me because I could never wrap my head around it as far as working out how to play that style of music. Then years later when I lived on a commune in a crazy little town in NSW called Nimbin where I befriended a full real deal Jamaican rasta dude called Sharka and he told me all about it. Wow… it’s a whole other world over there!”
…”Anyway, we formed a reggae band and I slowly learnt the music. Then when I was asked to join The Weapon is Sound a few years ago, I jumped at the opportunity. One simple sentence – I love dub!”.

“We picked Bob Marley’s Legend because it has all the classics, but don’t worry we thought we may throw in a few extras in the end. We really wanted to recreate the album as a band as much as we could, so we decided to make this band big – at least 12 people”.

Reggae Love at The Newport Record Club’s 50th Anniversary


“I’m so excited for this one, it’s our Record Club’s 50th show and the final shows of this season. My partner in crime and co-founder of the Record Club, Mr. Steve Parkin suggested we get Tayo Snowball involved with something again seeing he won over the last season by setting fire to his guitar during the Jimi Hendrix album night…..!”

“That night, I realised the Record Club was really starting to heat up. Every band sets the bar higher and higher each night. We’ve had bands performing spine chilling versions of what I would have thought were ‘absolutely impossible albums to re-create live’, like Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Radiohead’s OK Computer to name a few. We’ve had musicians from high profile bands, both local and international casually performing albums for nothing more than a good time with great vibes paying homage to the inspiration of some of the greatest albums ever made!”


Season 3 of The Newport Record Club is at an end! Bob Marley’s Legend will be the last show (until next season!) and proudly celebrates the Record Club’s 50th Anniversary too. Follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all the latest updates and to stay ahead and ready for season 4.

“We started the record club because we wanted to perform Pink Floyd’s The Wall synced up to intense visuals in front of a few hundred people….I hope Steve doesn’t mind me telling everyone that! Haha. Having absolutely no promotional experience, we decided to get our mates to perform full classic albums from start to finish each week for a few months and we could slowly entice people to come to the Floyd show at the end of the season. We never thought it would take off like it did…we thought maybe we would get 50 punters max at each show, not at average of 300 people a night”. 

“When we first started the Record Club, it was quite hard to get people together to do the albums. It’s a lot of work for one night. The behind the scenes that goes on for each week and the amount of rehearsals bands have to do to learn and recreate these iconic albums is huge. We have a great team working full time for each show (Dr. Carl Brown the doctor of sound, Salvador Dali of light Adam Mulconray and Tahli Jade on visuals) and all the guys at The Newport are awesome for letting us run the night each week at the venue”. 

Season 4 is going to be bigger and better than ever! Unfortunately I can’t release the details of what albums just yet, but I can say we are in negotiations with some well known interstate artists who will hopefully fly in for some special album appearances”.


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