Season 6 of The Newport Record Club with a Tribute to Kate Bush

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Renowned for her nonconventional music career that’s spanned over decades, Kate Bush has established herself as one of the ‘musical greats’ in the industry. Easily identified by her soprano vocals, theatrical live performances with weird and wonderful quirks and her eclectic sound, Bush’s music achievements have been huge. As the first women to have a number one self-written song in the UK and the first British solo female artist to top the UK charts, it’s no wonder she captured the attention of millions.

Bursting into the scene in a blaze of glory in the late 70’s, Bush’s varied musical flavours and distinct style has made her one of the most influential female artists today. Crowned one of the most important female musicians of all time (and the “female version of Prince”), Bush is an innovator and producer of her own sound. Complete with interpretive dance movies, her unique way with the synthesiser and expressionist music videos.


Kate Bush | House of Love

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the next installment of Season 6 pays tribute to Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album. Randa Khamis & The BaBUSHkas will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 25th August, 2016. Event details here.

Meet Randa Khamis and The BaBUSHkas

Recreating one of the most densely produced albums of the 1980’s is no small-time venture. Randa Khamis and The BaBUSHkas are a rare ensemble packing the ammunition to take on Bush’s orchestral synth-pop sound. The band is made up of the following artists:

Randa Khamis: (Vocals) – Randa & The Soul Kingdom: Randa has two full length albums released internationally on independent label Freestyle Records in London. She has toured Europe, had her first single licensed to TV show Skins in the USA and was recently nominated for a Fringe Award in the music category for A Hidden Music Tour of Perth. 

James Vinciullo: (Bass and Music Director) – Milford Street Shakers: James has assembled an eclectic group of local musicians with backgrounds ranging from musical theatre (The Lion King and Les Miserables) to the concert hall (Perth Chamber Orchestra) to live band settings (Russell Holmes & The Blue Horizons).

Amy Rosato: (Backing Vocals).

Rachel Aquilina: (Violin).

Anna Sarcich: (Cello).

Joshua James Webb: (Keyboards).

Benjamin Hogan: (Keyboards).

Danny Caddy: (Drums).

Jarrad Van Dort: (Guitar).

Kate Bush Tribute

Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love

Celebrating its 30 year anniversary last year, Bush’s 1985 album Hounds of Love is one of the greatest albums of all time. Little did she know then though, that it would set the template for what could be accomplished with pop music in its most ambitious form. Blending art and pop to create something memorable and strong, this ‘breakout’ record offered listeners some of the most polished production and sensations hooks for its time.

Inspiring modern day artists from the likes of Florence and the Machine to Bjork, Bush certainly crafted a masterpiece that remains a towering achievement to this day. The album is split into two very distinct halves; adventurous, almost-flawless pop for the first and a darker, impressionistic style in the second. Both of which will be portrayed at the Record Club show…

Hounds of Love was our Kate Bush pick because it was an idyllic time in her life. Living on the family farm in the country and surrounded by nature, Kate had full creative control over writing the album herself and producing it independently in her home studio. By this stage it was her third album, so I felt she was sitting more comfortable creatively too. This album really is the mark of Kate Bush!” – Randa Khamis.

“It was only when I had to learn her songs though, that I really began to appreciate the immense depth of Kate Bush’s songwriting. She takes unusual stories and turns them into intriguing, melodic songs that  really capture the degree of her creativity. It’s certainly inspired me to re-think how to write my next album. Kate has this way of doing things with an amazing level of integrity and uniqueness. When you hear a Kate Bush song, you know it’s no one other than her…”

…”There’s a level of not caring whether her record label was going to like it or not – she just wanted to create without boundaries or break down the boundaries herself. In fact, every song on side B which is called ‘ The Ninth Wave’ contributes to the narrative of a women having fallen over board and her journey from life to death to being ‘reborn’. It all unfolds like a film in a sense – and the songs even sound cinematic and theatrical. It’s epic!

“I’ve always been besotted by Kate Bush. There’s something so spellbinding about her that just captivates you. From the lilting tones in her singing, to the lure of her melodies and ingenious songs, right down the her theatrical performances and mystical style. How does a person do all that at once!? Her creativity abounds. She’s an enigma”.


Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s Magic at The Newport Record Club


There’s so many great things about being a part of tThe Newport Record Club. On one level you could look at it as we’re one of the acts that are creating a history that one day might be looked back upon. So it feels good to be contributing to that history in my own city…”

“There’s also that aspect of finding wider audiences for original bands; even if it’s as little as people hearing the name of my band Randa & the Soul Kingdom for the first time. On another level, we’ve pulled together a group of musicians for this project too which has been enjoyable working with new musicians from different backgrounds in classical, jazz and music theatre”.

“We’re all excited about the challenge of taking the recorded album with its blend of precisely captured live instruments and sampled sounds in its highly produced form, to the live stage. We knew it was going to be something to take on… but that’s why it was exciting. I was particularly interested in learning to sing Kate’s melodies with the right emotion and tone. It was going to be a different way of singing that I wanted to explore”.  

“Our show is going to be as close as we could get it if Kate Bush herself was putting on a show! But on a smaller stage, given the circumstances! There’s going to be 9 of us performing; cello, violin, keyboards, samples flying off, vocal effects and let’s not forget dancing too! We’re also having a lighting show accompany to the music so that it’s in synch…”

…”Side A of Bush’s album has a few of her hits people will be singing and dancing along too. The second set will be the more mysterious and darker side of her and this could be quite an experience for the audience to be a part of. This is when the show gets cinematic and theatrical, it’s quite dramatic! I don’t think there’s going to be other bands doing a set anything like this again at the Record Club, so it’s definitely going to be a ‘one off’ performance. Make sure you stick around for the encore – there might be a surprise guest joining us too!” 

Season 6 at The Newport Record Club is well underway with Elton John, John Lennon, Spinal Tap and Beastie Boys still to come! Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details in the lead-up to each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook and the Record Club Roadshow for all official updates.”

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