Season 4 of The Newport Record Club with Rage Against The Machine

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“All the members of Rubble of Empire were impassioned by the political ideals and influenced by the grooving, heavy style that Rage Against the Machine established. Most importantly, RATM continued a tradition of music to reach out into the very concrete world and cultivate change en masse” – Laura G (Purrvert).

Rage Against the Machine are one of those bands that have the ability to deftly mix rap and rock to deliver music of the most powerful and persuasive kind. Politically charged and pointed with purpose, Rage Against the Machine’s songs are ones that will be remembered and listened to 100 years from now. Using a style of writing that is thought-provoking and almost socially frowned upon, they have created message after message through their music that has gripped millions of fans worldwide.

Notoriously famous for their maniac performances, explosive rhythms and radical political beliefs, Rage Against the Machine blew minds when they came about in the early 90s. Heck, they still do. Creating a superb quality of music that’s authentic, raw and rib-rattling, this heavy rock act used music as their weapon of protest. And it worked fuckin’ perfectly.

Rage Against the Machine - The Newport Record Club

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the final show for Season 4 pays tribute to Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled albumJoining together specifically for this special night, Rubble of Empire – featuring some of Perth’s most recognised talent – will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 17th March, 2016. Event details here.

Meet Rubble of Empire

Laura G: (Vocals)

The RATM tribute band is led by Laura G – returning to the mic after a 10 year hiatus. Best known in the industry for fronting the funk-punk hard rock band Purrvert in the early 2000s, Laura G has won two consecutive WA Music Industry Awards in 2001 and 2002 for Best Female Vocalist. Purrvert released two EPs, Tale Spinners and Weapons of Mass Production, and played with the likes of Karnivool, Spiderbait, Downsyde and more. Laura G’s vocals were often compared to Zack De La Rocha’s and were largely styled around the thrash rap LA sound.

In 2003 Laura G left Perth to pursue a career in Paris as a live radio announcer for an alternative music program. She picked up a mic again in the band Agent, Red which quickly relocated to Berlin. However, Laura G would again return to Perth in order to undertake a postgraduate degree in Cultural and Literary Studies and work as a freelance journalist for both science magazines and music magazines. She is now completing a PhD on the effect of technology on our experience of music in the digital age while lecturing at Curtin University in areas such as journalism, cultural studies, gender studies and music technology. As a result, Laura G is particularly concerned about the ideological reshaping of the tertiary education system and wants to ensure that higher learning remains accessible to all.

Karl Hiller: (Guitar)

Karl Hiller is lending his virtuosic guitar skills to emulate the incredible style of Tom Morello. Hiller is a classically trained guitarist from WAAPA and now performs, teaches, writes and records music professionally.

As a session musician Karl plays music from all corners of the globe working for such artists as Grace Barbé, Saritah, Ruby Boots and Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics. Karl also writes music from pop to prog, world music to classical for such groups as The Witches and Wormhole and now also records and performs as a classical solo artist. When Karl is not touring or gigging he can be found passing on his knowledge in his lectureship role at SAE and at Aquinas College.

Karl has recently returned from India playing world music festivals and later this year will be playing shows throughout Australia and Germany.

Scott Howard: (Drums)

Scott Howard would have to be one of the most hard hitting and dynamic drummers in Perth, coming from a drumming dynasty (his father Gary Howard has played drums in Australia since the 1970s). His experience in all styles is second to none—which is what it will take to cover Brad Wilkes epic drum sound.

Over the last 10 years he has had the pleasure of working with some of Perth’s finest musicians, with The Funk Club House Band for the last 7 years and also touring nationally with The Panda Band. While working on the RATM Tribute Show, Howard is also busy touring and drumming for Ruby Boots and The Johnny Nandez Hammond Explosion. He is also working and writing with The Witches, who are about to release their highly-anticipated album recorded with the WAMI award winning sound engineer Adam Round.

Giles Lowe: (Bass)

Giles Lowe defies convention—a self-taught bass maverick who has been perfecting his art for the past 20 years. Lowe is adept at a wide variety of musical styles from all over the globe and has been an all-out RATM fan since the release of their first album.

As well as writing and recording with previous instrumental fuck rock group Bat Country, Giles has also lent his talents to artists as diverse as The Ku Ling Brothers, Saritah, The Stu Orchard Band and Simon Kelly. Lowe was recruited for this project because of his heavy bass sound—necessary to cultivate the RATM signature sound founded by Tim Commerford.

The Newport Record Club Rage Against the Machine

Killing in the Name of Rage Against the Machine

Crowned number 27 in Rolling Stones’ 100 Best Albums of the Nighties, RATM’s self-titled album includes their most explosive, memorable hit to date – Killing in the Name. Easily the loudest protest song of its time, Killing in the Name pushes all political and musical boundaries to the absolute max. Holding no fear and dripping with raw anger, acute lyric detail and a force too strong to be reckoned with, RATM’s self-titled masterpiece just works – in almost every situation.

Inspiring a generation of activists and crafting the perfect template for the modern protest music today, the self-titled debut is a legacy left behind for generations to come. Blowing up in your face with its power and guiding aggression, the record features some of their best work; from Killing in the Name to Take the Power Back, Know Your Enemy and Freedom. It was this album that achieved a scale of controversial messages that cut through the political system bullshit and gave music enthusiasts and protestors something a little more ‘real’ to fire at with. And this Thursday night at Perth’s exclusive Record Club, you’re going to get a damn good taste of it.

Rage Against the MachineIn 1992, RATM released their debut self-titled album, probably best known for their anti-establishment anthem Killing in the Name”, says Laura G. “The album went triple platinum and even though the band achieved ultimate commercial success, they were still dedicated to fostering awareness about some of the most controversial issues in the US government“.

“All the members of Rubble of Empire were impassioned by the political ideals and influenced by the grooving heavy style that RATM established. Most importantly, RATM continued a tradition of music to reach out into the very concrete world and cultivate change en masse”.

This album still resonated both musically and politically in today’s context – a context in which deception and obfuscation cloak Federal politics. We drew from this album in particular when we launched a protest / awareness show last year in order to protest and express a level of dissatisfaction at the current government agenda that includes unfair budge cuts, unjust asylum policy, the ideological reshaping of tertiary education and more”.

Rage Against the Machine - The Newport Record Club

Taking the Power Back at The Newport Record Club’s Final Show for Season 4


We are honoured to share a stage with musicians in this series, with some some of the most talent musicians in Perth paying homage to some of the greatest influences of our life and careers. I will be particularly happy to get back to the Newport Hotel, as I played there in Purrvert mean years ago, and used to pour beers there as a barmaid!

“The audience can expect the absolute ultimate RATM tribute experience, we work our guts out to provide the most authentic homage to the band that changed our lives and the lives of many others. The Rubble of Empire experience is a full-on powerhouse of non-stop RAGE!!”
This is the last show of season 4 at The Newport Record Club! Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details for each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for the latest updates for season 5.
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