Season 3 at The Newport Record Club with The Cult

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“Electric is the result of a missing ingredient being added to the mix. It’s known the world over as “the only AC/DC album not made by AC/DC”. It’s full of honest, raw, ignorant naivete… kind of like Babyjane.  It’s the album that gave Guns N’ Roses their first real exposure, since it was Gunners that went out on their first support show with The Cult as headliners for this album. I could carry on and on about The Cult’s discography, but it’s right here that The Cult hit paydirt” – Paul Judge (Babyjane)

In 1987, The Cult released Electric – an album of stylistic change and tinged rock perfection. Recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s legendary and psychedelic Electric Lady Studios, The Cult’s third studio album went on to become one of their most successful and influential recordings.

Filling the streets with dirty rock energy and pure brilliance, Electric’s raw and unfiltered sound remind the world of a skull embodied denim jacket with its sleeves cut off, infused in the smell of whiskey and burn cigarettes. It was daring and unafraid, courageous and far from careful.


The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music in a very promising light, the next chapter of season 3 pays tribute to The Cult’s Electric with Babyjane. You can read more about The Newport Record Club and Co-Founder’s Steve Parkin and Malcolm Clark’s insight into the juicy details here.

Meet Babyjane and Chris Gibbs


“In the 90’s, there was a small group of us scattered around Perth that loved these ‘hair’ bands who were so suddenly out of fashion. The fact that we were all part of this ‘secret club’ was what drew us together. Our first gig as Babyjane was opening for Sebastian Bach at the Burswood Theatre to 1000 people – the BEST way we could have ever been introduced to the Perth rock scene” – Paul Judge.

Thriving on chaos and honest, raw rock music; Babyjane are Australia’s most explosive hard rock band. Teaming up with multi-award winner Chris Gibbs (Graphic Fiction Heroes and Chris Gibbs & The Transmission), they’re ready to take on The Cult’s classic Electric at its absolute best.

“We’re three quarters Babyjane – Nik ‘Animal’ Kats on drums, Andy Smith, our 6 foot plus lead singer and Paul Judge on bass duties. We’ve hooked up with Chris, a major name in Perth in his own right, and he’s absolutely killing the Billy Duffy role on guitar. He’s been on the scene for a lot longer that us – his band Graphic Fiction Heroes won the WAM Song of the Year Country Category for First and Land. Babyjane formed form the ashes of two Perth bands in January 2008 – Sinner Stone and Why Wednesday”. 

“Each guy in the band had spent years trying to solidify this particular line-up of people… but loyalties and rivalries prevented it from happening until both bands faltered on their own. Eventually we came together through our mutual love of The Cult, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row – we were just discovering what we loved about music just as some of these bands were finishing their peak, and Nirvana came along and turned the world a miserable shade of black”.


Sine their first performance at the Burswood Theatre to 1000 people, Babyjane have evolved massively as a band. “Our second album Make It Sick features a track sung by Dead Daisies singer John Corabi. In May we played the Rocklahoma Festival in the States, then recorded our next single with Gilby Clarke from Guns N’ Roses in Hollywood, released at the Velvet Lounge September 25th. So things are going very well, and we’ve been keeping very influential company!”

The Cult’s Masterpiece – Electric


Born out of the ashes of the UK post punk scene, The Cult were quick to evolve into one of the most controversial and influential rock bands of the 20th century. With no fear of change and an open mind for every musical opportunity, The Cult weaved their way into endless possibilities and captured the attention of media, fans and musicians alike.

Me personally, The Cult taught me all about dynamics and mood”, explains Judge. “When they really get into a groove no one can touch them, even the bands three times as big. Each of us love The Cult for different reasons, and that’s what has made them such a long-lasting and original band over the decades…”

…”They’re one of the few bands that have held on to their fanbase without alienating them despite each album totally changing trends. Deamtime was part of the New Wave movement, lots of British sensibilities like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Duran Duran, but with a thinly-veiled longing to break out into rock – you could clearly hear that in them…then the Love LP was more streamlined, still with that New Wave feel but with a much more certain sense of direction, and I think the single She Sells Sanctuary cemented the band’s confidence to carry on in that direction”. 

Many people don’t know this, but their next album Peace, which ended up being Electric, was ready to be released by the record company, and sounded like LOVE Part II… but the record company didn’t have confidence in it. And it SUCKED. Enter Rick Rubin, and the rest is history. Electric is the result of a missing ingredient being added to the mix…”

“It’s known the world over as “the only AC/DC album not made by AC/DC“. It’s full of honest, raw, ignorant, naivete … kind of like Babyjane. It had 3 absolute killer singles on it – Love Removal Machine, Wildflower and Li’l devil. It’s the album that gave Guns N’ Roses their first real exposure, since it was Gunners that went out on their first support show with the Cult as headliners for this album. I could carry on and on about The Cult’s discography, but it’s right here that they hit paydirt”. 

“Sonic Temple had a huge impact too… we’ll be doing songs from that also. The Cult had a huge impact on all of us – who doesn’t like them? Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy are one of the coolest fucking double-acts in rock music. There’s a sense of spirituality and innocence in their music that made all of us love ’em, and makes them just a little different from everything else out there, even now”.

“Even Bob Rock, who produced Metallica’s biggest hit, said ‘something magical happens when me and those guys get together’. I remember meeting them at a Meet and Greet for their LOVE show in 2013, it was one of the very few times I was star-struck and stumbled all over my words like a love-sick loser. I wanted to hug Ian and shout ‘you wrote Fire Women! I LOVE YOU!'”. 

These are the songs I used to practise in the mirror to, on air drums or guitar! And in the early 90’s, when Rage would play metal  all night – 1991 in particular – they would play EVERY song The Cult ever did. It was then that I thought ‘this must be an important band’, but I just didn’t realise how much until I discovered Electric. We all sat around going through our albums… should we do Motley? Gunners? Aerosmith? When The Cult got mentioned… we all looked at each other and smiled. Our guitarist is so busy with other commitments, we needed someone who would absolutely kill it. Chris was our first choice and he learned every lick in 48 hours”

The Cult with Babyjane and Chris Gibbs at The Newport Record Club


“The Record Club specialises in classic albums. This is one of them. It’s not a band you hear much doing the rounds on the cover scene, and I think that’s more down to the fact that people don’t have confidence in recreating what makes The Cult so special. Babyjane have always included Cult songs in their set, and have always wanted to do it at a bigger level. The Record Club has given us the opportunity to do just that”. 

“I won’t lie. Perth has a huge “only our friends can be involved” clique. People don’t like to say it, but it’s true. It’s kind of like if you’re not signed, are too heavy, or not part of the club that gets played on 96fm every day, you’re not relevant. The Record Club doesn’t seem to buy into that. It just wants to do great albums, by a mix of musicians who have proved themselves. It’s that simple”.

The fact that the Record Club accepted our suggestion with open arms show that it’s just the music that matters”, says Judge. “For anyone to say ‘The Cult? ELECTRIC? That won’t go down well’…that would’ve been the ultimate proof of a concept that really didn’t have at its core of what it claims to have. Thankfully, it’s the opposite. And seeing what other bands have done over the last few weeks, with INXS and Smashing Pumpkins, it’s exciting. We’re revisiting our youth, man! All these albums mean different things to different people and we’re all there celebrating that! As long as it doesn’t become Warrants ‘Cherry Pie’ each week, it’s going to have longevity and integrity”. 


The Cult’s Electric will be performed in all its entity Thursday 20th August at The Newport Record Club. For details and ticket information make sure you visit the event page here. There’s still so much more great music in store for The Newport Record Club with Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Queen and Bob Marley still to come. You can get the full line up here, or follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook for all the latest updates and gig information.

“Expect The Cult’s best album, from front to back, played even better than The Cult do it. It’ll be screaming out of our amps at you, with a modern sound, but totally authentic. 1986! No whammy bars, no hammer-on’s, just those brain-melting monster riffs people know and love, coasting along on a blues-flavoured picnic hamper. People are going to love it”.

Together with Chris Gibbs, we have melded the best of what we do and made a monster tribute act to The Cult – and this is going to be the first gig of something we hope we can pull a few more shows out of after this. We’ve rehearsed long and hard, so we won’t be leaving it at the Record Club. It was, however, the Record Club that made this happen. And for anyone who loves The Cult’s bigger hits…don’t worry, you’re going to get those too!” 


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