Season 6 of The Newport Record Club with a Tribute to The Eagles

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Exploding into the scene in 1971, The Eagles became undisputed kings almost instantaneously. Fuelled by the success of their two biggest selling albums, Greatest Hits (1971-1975) and Hotel California (1976), the American rock band’s strength and classic song writing skills made them one of the greatest bands in the world.

As one of the first groups to go platinum with their iconic Greatest Hits album, The Eagles influence has always been popular; extending over to country rock, blues, classic rock and adult contemporary. Complete with enduring tunes that have forever made an impact on the music scene worldwide, their ability to successfully reproduce the well-crafted sounds and harmonies off their albums live is near-perfection.

The Eagles

Join the Record Club

The Newport Hotel’s exclusive Record Club recognises some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beloved musicians. Boosting the local music scene in a very promising light, the next installment of Season 6 pays tribute to The Eagles’ Hotel California album. Murphy’s Lore will be performing this classic record in all its entirety Thursday 11h August, 2016. Event details here.

Meet Murphy’s Lore

“Murphy’s Lore features guitarists Chris Murphy and Jason Smith, but we needed more! We’ve enlisted Jason’s old band mate Travis Bryant to handle some of the fiddly parts, thus freeing Chris up to handle the acoustics and vocals. Travis also adds a fantastic fourth harmony to Murphy’s Lore’s famous 3 part by the brothers Chris, Courtney and Kieran Murphy”. – Shaun Street.

Chris Murphy: (12 String / Acoustic / Electric Guitars).

Jason Smith: (Pedal Steel / 12 String / Electric Guitars).

Courtney Murphy: (Keyboards / Percussion / Vocals).

Travis Bryant: (Guitar Synth / Banjo / Mandolin / Electric Guitars).

Kieran Murphy: (Drums / Percussion / Vocals).

Shaun Street: (Bass Guitar / Vocals).

The Eagles

The Eagles’ Hotel California Perfection

Crowned number 37 on the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all Time, The Eagles’ Hotel California was the peak of the band’s performance. Propelled by Walsh’s guitar licks and Henley’s expressive vocals and lyric content, the record saw The Eagles put aside their bluegrass country vibes for a stronger rock n’ roll stance. And it worked beautifully.

Showcasing some of the band’s highly rated masterpieces; Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Wasted Time and Victim of Love the album is musically powerful and later defined the California rock sound of the 70s. Referred to as Henley’s “concept album” by the man himself, Hotel California still breathes new life into the rock music scene and will always be remembered as one of the greatest rock albums ever written.

“Murphy’s Lore has always had a healthy staple of Eagles songs in their repertoire. We love great guitars and harmonies and The Eagles embody both. Chris even performed Life in the Fast Lane when he was on Australian Idol”. 

“The Eagles are one of those bands where even though there were a few line-up changes, every single member of the group was integral. No more so than drummer and vocalist Don Henley. Henley is one of the few drummers to really blur the line between drummer and frontman, and as a drummer and vocalist myself it’s great to recreate those massive harmonies and even get a shot at singing lead” – Kieran Murphy.

“As a frustrated guitarist my whole life, there is a vicarious pleasure in watching our three guitar players meticulously map out each part in these songs. The album was painstakingly rehearsed and recorded and it’s been a real great challenge to recreate all the parts live… not least of which was the requirement for an extra member, our other ‘other’ brother, Travis Bryant”. 

“Preparing for this show is the most amount of rehearsal and practise this band has seen in many years and we’re excited to get right into the nitty gritty of sounds and parts”. 

Life in the Fast Lane at The Newport Record Club


“Murphy’s Lore were honoured to be a part of the Record Club’s first season, when we performed Wings’ Band on the Run and then last year performing The Beatles’ Let it Be.  It’s realising a young man’s dream of indulgently playing songs you love for like-minded punters.  What a treat!  Something you never actually think you’ll get the opportunity to do”. 

Hotel California is our most ambitious endeavour and the guitarists have spent some serious time together and alone working on who’s playing which part.  We have guitar changes galore, banjo, mandolin, guitar synth, newly purchased pedal steel & rototoms plus four part harmonies from full time session and live musicians.  This is what we do.  But this time we got to choose!”

Season 6 at The Newport Record Club is well underway with Prince, Kate Bush, Elton John, John Lennon, Spinal Tap, Beastie Boys and more still to come! Make sure you stay tuned on the Toward Music blog to find out all the juicy details in the lead-up to each show and follow The Newport Record Club on Facebook and the Record Club Roadshow for all official updates.


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