The Thrill is Gone, but the King of Blues Will Live on

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“The blues was bleeding the same blood as me”

King of Blues


For many of us, it still just doesn’t seem real that those scorching guitar licks and goose bump vocals will never be heard in real life again. One of the most influential guitarists and greatest blues man of all time – The King of Blues – died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas last Thursday evening, leaving a world touched and saddened at the death of yet another music legend.

And despite the fact it’s safe to say that B.B King lived a long and fulfilled life, outliving all his peers and a generation of soulful musicians; the news has certainly left millions worldwide utterly shaken – with a big case of the blues. To say his music and influence on the world is incredible is an understatement. The King of Blues, complete with his driven energy and electrifying talent has defined an era that simply cannot be beaten, altered or disrespected. 

B.B. King mastered not only a tender sound that was able to soften even the hardest hearts, but he was more ‘in the moment’ than any other musician today. Hats off to the man that rocks the speakers of many, taught us the magic of relaxing to music and was so deeply emotionally involved with his work it’ll never stop impacting on lives. May your music, soul and blues-infused world live on. 

To honour the King of Blues and his powerful reminder of what music can really do to you – here’s a few of my favourite B.B King quotes, his words of wisdom that’ll never be forgotten. May he rest in peace and his memory live on X

“I never wanted to be like the other blues singers. I might hear them play, but I’ve never wanted to be anyone other than myself. There are a few people that I’ve wished I could play like…but when I tried, it just didn’t work”

“There’s a sadness to all kinds of music if you want to hear it. There’s also happiness to it too, if you want to hear it”

“I’d rather be B.B. King – that’s the way I started. I Let the heavy metal guys play heavy metal, the others play the other… I try to do what I do better, not get away from it”

“I’ve known people that was a part of a family and always feel that the family liked everyone else but them. That hurts, and that’s as deep a hurt as you can possibly get. I’ve known people that would have problems with their love life. This is kind of how blues began — out of feeling misused, mistreated. Feeling like they had nobody to turn to. Blues don’t necessarily have to be sung by a person that came from Mississippi as I did, because there are people having problems all over the world”

“Playing the guitar is like telling the truth – you never have to worry about repeating the same (lie) if you told the truth. You don’t have to pretend, or cover up. If someone asks you again, you don’t have to think about it or worry because there it is – it’s you”

“Now I know it can never be perfect, it can never be exactly what it should be… so you got to keep going further, getting better”

“I’m still searching even today for a sound – like the guy that’s searching for a home. I don’t know how. But if I ever get it, I’ll know…”


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