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Venerated as Scarborough’s best live music venue, the Indi Bar is a constant buzz of atmosphere – and Saturday night was definitely no exception. Home to some of Perth’s iconic music superstars, the steadily growing audience made their way in for a cool reggae evening complete with psychedelic dub and a hell of’ a lot of bass. Awesome.


New Zealand flavoured reggae group Manaaki set the scene with rhythmic rolling beats that were quick to tempt groovers onto the dance floor. Featuring lead singer and guitarist Ajay Peni from 44 Degreez and local loop artist Trojan John, this newly formed group blend together like absolute naturals. Inducing an easy-going vibe with their first track Free Rebel, a song against the mining industry, the rich vocals and motivating instrumentals led the crowd into some smooth d-floor tunes. Self-titled track Manaaki was passionate and moving – a song that sums up the band’s views on love and caring for one another, and really showed the audience what they’re all about.

Snowballing into their set was lead guitarist and singer Tayo from The Weapon is Sound, filling their tunes with epic guitar riffs and attitude. Cover of Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight got the crowd singing and Bob Marley’s Stir it Up and I Shot the Sheriff were very fitting for the occasion.

The band flaunted huge amounts of diversity, with different members swapping over instruments throughout the set. And the ever-changing lineup created a little excitement, with a few new band recruits including rap vocals that blended in perfectly.


Named one of Perth’s (if not Australia’s) best dub reggae bands, The Weapon is Sound dominated the stage next, opening up with Staying Away. Playing now till an almost-full venue and an audience that was positively energised, The Weapon unleashed a fusion of heavy bass riffs and sweet soulful sounds.

Dosing in all the crowd favourites, including Rise Up and Isolation Dub, their tracks were laced with extreme amounts of psychedelic beats exploding effortlessly into your ear drums. It’s been a while since i’ve seen these guys play live and they’ve only gotten better, being evident crowd pleasers on the evening.

Whilst their usual sexy sax sounds were definitely missing, they create a contagious vibe that just feels good with a groove that’s insanely infectious. Guaranteeing a dub experience like no other, their roots-infused rock is enough to transform you to another space of time.

The Weapon is Sound


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