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Not even a week into the New Year and 2016 already seems like a world away; time flies when you’re having fun! As we head into 2017, it’s time to peak into the record collection of highlights from last year at Toward Music and see what’s coming up. The past 12 months have been busy. 2016 was filled with a healthy dose of live music, music events, collaborations and exciting new ventures. But this little online music community wouldn’t be possible without the support of you guys – so firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the blog.¬†Every visit, comment and like helps to fuel my passion for music and writing and I appreciate each and every one of you ūüôā

Toward Music

There’s no denying what a rollercoaster of a year it’s been in the music industry, though. Rock n’ Roll heaven got dangerously full; so I just wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to those legends gone.¬†The start of 2016, in particular, saw too many rockers’ lives lost. February 3rd, 1959 was the ‘Day the Music Died’,¬†but with 2016 the deadliest era for music legends since the 70’s, sadly we now have the Year the Music Died too. David Bowie, Glenn Fey, Dale Griffin, Maurice White, Joey Feek, Paul Kanter, Keith Emerson, George Martin and Prince were all gone by April 2016. Other iconic musicians Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Sharon Jones, Greg Lake and George Michael also didn’t make it by the end of the year. The Perth local music industry lost a beautifully influential soul too – a good friend of mine, Adam Kytka.¬†It’s a scary feeling looking back on just how many great musicians are gone. May their music live on forever. RIP.

Below, you’ll find some of my Toward Music highlights from 2016. No doubt 2017 is going to bring more exciting opportunities and one can only hope we have a better year by keeping the remaining music legends we still have.

Please note: All blog stats are pulled from Google Analytics, internal and spammy referral traffic is all filtered out so the figures are as accurate as possible. 

Over 26,907 Blog Visitors

I’ve only been running this site for a year on WordPress so it’s pretty exciting to see how quickly the figure has grown! My day job involves writing for an SEO company, White Chalk Road, so I’m constantly monitoring my online visitors. Some key figures from 2016 are:

  • Over 26,907 visitors to the blog, with 71% of these people based in Australia.
  • 164.74% of these visitors found Toward Music through organic search and 161.93% were through social media.
  • The most popular blog post¬†published in 2016 was: Devilles Pad Transforms into Perth’s Newest Live Music Venue.
  • The busiest day of the year was 20th March 2016 with 2,443 visitors.
  • 50+ comments on the blog.

Over 185 Blog Posts

91 new articles were added to the blog in 2016, growing the total archive to over 185 posts. Out of those 185 articles, the most visited pieces were:

  1. Devilles Pad Transforms into Perth’s Newest Live Music Venue¬†
  2. Why the Foo Fighters are one of the Greatest Rock Bands of All Time
  3. Let’s Get Dirty – 16 Raunchiest Album Covers of All Time¬†
  4. Sarah McLeod | Alone and Unplugged Tour | Friends Resturant | Live Review 
  5. News: Government Reveals Cut to Creative Courses | Music & Arts
  6. Antipodean Rock Collective | The Carine | Live Review 
  7. Rage Against the Machine | The Newport Record Club | Live Review 
  8. Michael Jackson | Thriller | The Newport Record Club | Live Review
  9. Top Live Music Venues in Perth City You Need to Visit Today
  10. Jack Rabbit Slims Review | Live, with a Side of Fries
  11. Season 5 of The Newport Record Club with Tool
  12. Top 15 Workout Songs that Boost Body Confidence 

The posts that generated the most comments and feedback for 2016:

  1. Sarah McLeod | Alone and Unplugged Tour | Friends Resturant | Live Review
  2. Devilles Pad Transforms into Perth’s Newest Live Music Venue
  3. 5 Must Do Winter Activities to Get You Up, Warm and Moving 
  4. 7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Music Loving Friend 
  5. Win! Free Artist Profile Valued at $150 on Toward Music
  6. Season 4 of The Newport Record Club with Tom Petty

2,435+ Subscribers and Followers

Considering the site is still relatively new, it’s encouraging to see the support from all you music lovers. Subscribers all receive an email alert once a new article has been added to the blog and will be linked directly to the piece. You won’t be spammed at all, and over the next few months I may look to do some email subscriber only deals and competitions. If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to, head to the homepage and enter your email address in on the right.

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The Best Picks of 2016

2016 was filled with lots of music goodies but if I had to narrow it down, here’s my best picks for the year…

Best Interview:

Early in the year, I interviewed Fat Freddy’s Drop’s saxophone player Scott Towers (Chopper Reads) about their new album and tour. Reeds shed some light on their complicated but very interesting recording process, and what musicians have influenced their iconic live performances. Read the interview here.

Best Live Music Performance:

Local:¬†On the local front, Sarah McLeod’s gig at Friends Resturant in August was impressive. The powerhouse singer/songwriter who fronts Australian rock band The Superjesus put on a show that was gutsy, soulful and fun. Runner-up in the local scene would be Stacked Actor’s tribute to the Foo Fighters, which saw some of Perth’s hottest talent join together at The Rosemount.

International: When I found out Cold War Kids were coming to Perth I was pretty damn excited. I started loving their music when I was travelling around Europe in 2011 and have been wanting to see them live ever since. Had only heard great things about their live performances and their Perth show was no exception! Have a read here.

Toward Music Highlights

There have been many fantastic highlights for Toward Music in 2016, here’s a few worth mentioning:

  • After making the decision to move my site over from Wix to WordPress in early 2015, the more user-friendly layout has helped make 2016 a more successful year on the blog. The switch has given me time to focus on generating better music-related content fans want to read too ūüôā
  • Attended the exclusive secret show opening of Badlands Bar in March. Since its transformation from Devilles Pad, the venue has become one of Perth’s hotspots for live music.
  • Took my dad to see one of his all time favourite bands, Stiff Little Fingers. Dad was the one who took me to my first concert so it was great to finally return the favour and¬†review some old school punk with him!
  • Headed over to Sydney for the 6th Edition of Bridge Club at The Oxford Circus in June.
  • Collaborated with City of Perth and So Perth to write a guest post on the top live music venues in Perth. I joined forces with Rob Walker on this project, who helped with the professional photography.
  • Held a handful of competitions on the Toward Music Facebook page. No doubt 2017 is going to bring more music freebies and giveaways for readers too!
  • An additional Sydney trip for the Diesel tour in October that saw my man Rob Walker supporting through¬†Kelts Entertainment.
  • Featured Sydney act The Mis-Made on Toward Music – make sure you wrap your ears around these rock chicks!
  • Reviewed some outstanding international acts including¬†Cold War Kids and Stiff Little Fingers.
  • Reviewed fantastic local performances including¬†Sarah McLeod, Antipodean Rock Collective and The Rubens.

Big thanks to all those who I’ve had the pleasure of working with in 2016:

DB Publicity, The Newport Record Club, City of Perth, So Perth, XIII Touring, Studiocanal, Chugg Entertainment, Metropolis Touring, Anarchy PR, Social Family Records / Golden Robot Records, Pirate FM Fremantle, Metric Events, Pilerats, Paris is Patient, Clarity Communications, Room 8, The Event Agency, Kelts Entertainment, Xposed Media, Rob Walker Photography and of course all the artists, venues and managers. 

After a really fun and music filled 2016, I’m looking forward to an even bigger 2017 with you all!

Please feel free to add your feedback in the comments below or contact me directly. What would you like to see more of on Toward Music in 2017?

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