What to Look for in a Quality Audio Visual Supplier for Your Next Event

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When it comes to audio visual services, jeopardising on quality just isn’t an option. Whether it’s for a high-profile music festival, a restaurant or bar gig or an entertainment conference; you want a company that can successfully bring your event to life. A quality audio visual setup is an exciting and powerful way to deliver your message and create an atmosphere guests will remember long after. Thus, it’s absolutely essential not to underestimate its overall impact. After all, it’s the sound and visual experience that really makes your music event shine.

If you need to hire reliable audio visual equipment, choosing the wrong company has the potential to ruin an entire event. It’s not just about using the latest technology either; creative minds, quality gear and sound knowledge are paramount to creating a big impact. Here’s what you should be looking for:

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High Level of Creativity

Price and reliability is always going to be a top priority when seeking an audio visual supplier. If you really want your event to do justice though, creativity needs to be part of the offering too. It’s a factor that’s usually underestimated, but it’s this creative spark that allows an audio visual company to truly craft a memorable experience. Features like projection mappers, which allows multimedia content to be projected onto flat surfaces or objects (3D surfaces), have the ability to transform a good event to a mind blowing one.

Innovations like digital cinema installations are another highly regarded creative feature. They work by producing unique and unparalleled picture and sound experiences to really create that ‘wow’ factor. Both of these technologies are common with audio visual suppliers, but it’s the creative talent behind using them successfully which can have a positive impact on your event.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound and visuals will directly relate to the equipment you’re using – so make sure it’s decent! It’s imperative the event sound system is tested and quality assessed before hiring from the audio visual supplier. Ask for a maintenance log to gauge how well the equipment has been looked after. Check whether it’s capable of producing the effects you need too. This is especially important if you’re needing cinematic-level sound effects and high-energy music.

The sound and visual system you hire should be effective in matching the content. You want your audience to have the full impact of musical material with crystal-clear speech. Can the system you’re working with replicate the full range of sound at peak quality? Are the speakers decent enough to run the full length of the event without straining themselves? Can the performers all hear themselves? Great foldback, at least two subwoofers and quality microphones are all vital to sound quality. Don’t forget too; the balance between clarity, acoustic performance and a visually acceptable solution is a delicate compromise – one which should only be looked after by a skilled and experienced technician.

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Tip: Share your event vision with the audio visual supplier so they have an exact idea of the aesthetic feel and tone you’re after. They should be able to translate your idea into a practical suggestion and hand-pick the best AV equipment to achieve the desired result and communicate your event’s message clearly.

Onsite Support

To ensure the upmost success of your event, you want to confirm the company you’re dealing with offers onsite support. During a live music event, it’s more than reasonable to expect a technician to be onsite. A reputable audio visual company will provide support during setup, rehearsals and throughout the event to guarantee a smooth operation.

Onsite support will vary depending on the size of your event, your own level of expertise and the complexity of your sound and visual system needs. Opt for a company that has years of proven experience to act as a proactive audio visual advisor. Most high-quality audio visual equipment suppliers will offer onsite support to fix any problems at the event immediately, even if they subcontract someone else out to assist.

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Achieving More than Numbers

The audio visual equipment you hire has the potential to deliver results well beyond the event itself – so it pays to invest wisely. Customers and attendees will share their experience of the event through their own personal networks so it’s important to create an experience that’s positively unforgettable, whilst still staying true to your message and vision.

Whether it’s a cutting edge audio and visual system with all the digital enhancements or a basic set up, you want to find an experienced company to help you deliver the best sound and visual possible.

This article is on behalf of Mega Vision Sound and Lighting – one of Western Australia’s leading providers of professional audio, visual and lighting equipment and integration systems.

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