Why Venues and Promoters Should Engage with an AV Company

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It’s that time of the year again – summer is almost upon us! With the warmer months comes festival season, and ample amounts of live music action for all ears and feet to enjoy. It’s the season when we’re looking forward to getting a group of friends together and heading out to enjoy some of the great music gigs on offer. And Australia has plenty of it.

Not only will we be able to experience some of the amazing local talents, there will also be plenty of international gigs like Fuel who are returning to Australia after nearly two decades. Which 90’s rock fans can get really excited about!

Now is the time for venues, promoters and local artists to start planning all aspects of their upcoming performances. High quality and reliable audio and visual equipment is a must to enhance your performance and ensure a successful event. That’s why it’s a great idea toengage with an AV hire company to get the latest and greatest audio and visual equipment. Here’s why you should consider one for your next live music event:

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Sound and Visual Excellence

All musos, promoters and venue owners would agree that the quality and clarity of audio and visual equipment are one of the most vital components of a great performance. No matter what type of event you’re holding or for how many people, it’s important to have the premium quality equipment and enough of it to suit your gig.


Sound clarity is directly related to the equipment you are using, so it’s important to use the best gear you can afford. The top venues and promoters in Australia will only engage with the most reputable AV companies for high-quality equipment. This guarantees everything is in full working order and provides the best sound possible to put on a rockin’ show. By hiring sound equipment for a big music event over purchasing, you have access to the very best amps, speakers, mixes and microphones without paying the hefty purchase price.


Visual effects make a huge difference to a music festival. If you want to put on a live show that makes all the senses explode, combining visuals with sound is essential. Whether it’s hiring a projector, AV controllers or screens, the devil lies in the details when it comes to providing your audience with a memorable experience. Specialised lighting, combined with superior sound and visual effects, will add to the success of the event too.

Equipment Is Tested and Upgraded

No musician or sound technician likes working with dodgy, unreliable equipment. Using a mates mixer or PA system at the last minute before a show won’t always guarantee things are going to work. And if you’re putting on a music event you want to impress punters with, not steer them back out the door, you have to be working with good gear.

AV hire companies pride themselves on leasing out equipment that has been regularly maintained and tested. Gear is upgraded on a regular basis as new and improved products come out, so venues and musicians have access to the latest high-quality equipment. It saves forking out the money for gear too, if you’re only needing bits and pieces for a gig, festival or live music showcase.

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Arranging to borrow equipment from friends or musos at the last minute can leave you high and dry. And there’s nothing worse than being one piece down if the gear hasn’t been arranged properly before the gig. Leaving sound and visual equipment to a hire company takes the hassle out of needing to organise one more thing. Arrange to have everything delivered to the venue on time and in perfect working order, so you can concentrate on making sure the rest of the event runs smoothly.


An added convenience is one of the biggest benefits for live music venues and promoters who choose to deal directly with an AV hire company. Running a music event of any kind can be hectic and challenging, so simplifying the process as much as possible – whilst keeping the experience amplified – is important. With convenience also comes product knowledge and a team of highly experienced staff in the industry to ensure you have access to the best equipment for your event.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a large-scale music concert, a backyard party with live music or an intimate parlour gig at your place, premium equipment and talented artists make all the difference.

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This article is written by Alex Hamilton, who writes on behalf of Mega Vision Sound and Lighting – A leading provider of professional audio, visual and lighting equipment hire in Western Australia. You can catch him on Google+.

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